So you want to write

Soul Food has a number of forums designed to encourage writing and communication between participants. Pieces are taken from the forums and published on the site. Make sure you avail yourself of this opportunity to engage in the writing process and to be read.


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Soul Food Cafe Forums

The purpose of this site is to promote writing as a daily practice and to encourage people of all ages to pick up the pen and write. The site is quite literally overflowing with healthy and tasty morsels for every writer. It is full of tips, techniques, references and encouragement for writers of all ages. A writer could fill their journal with activities that are provided here or they can participate in on-line groups.

Soul Food has rapidly become a place where a writer can experiment and gauge reader response to their writing. It is a place where a writer can move through various stages of publication, a place where they can learn what writing has appeal to others, a place where they can actually see their work published.

There is no doubt that what makes this section of the Soul Food Cafe unique is that a group of writers have gathered to share their ideas and publicly demonstrate what happens when they 'listen to their muse'. They are generous spirits who have helped to create a sense of atmosphere and kept the place going.

Join in! Let your voice drift into the many special corners of the Soul Food Cafe. Once you add to a forum it is a bit like saying the right password at the entrance of Aladdin's Cave. As soon as you take the plunge the doors of the cafe will open wide and you will find that it is actually a very bustling, busy, hub that is open twenty four hours a day.

Student Forum

Peeling The Onion
Craft of Writing
Guided Imagery
Pythian Games

Soul Food Cafe Community

New Team Bloggers have been set up at Soul Food. Registered members of the site can contribute to a special Soul Food Cafe news and events blogger.

Miscellaneous Memoirs is for the life story writer.

The Alluvial Mine comprises of Soul Food miners who have staked claims within the mine and are seeking Eldorado. Many miners in this intriguing mine use a technique that has come to be known as Gleaning. This involves taking a line from the work of another (with appropriate recognition of the source) and running with that idea. Cherita Fitzgerald Blogger which encourages members to pick up the writing baton and run with it while Weird Tales From Deadwood Hall enables people to let their hair down, play and have fun sharing weird stuff.

Live Poets at Soul Food is the place to be if you have poetic inclinations while Fantasy Cove is a secret place for fantasy buffs to gather and exchange ideas. The Chamber of Horrors is for fans of the macabre.

The Common Chapel within the Lemurian Abbey is restricted to those who have opted to benefit from solitude in this glorious retreat.

Then there is the Lemurian Children's Book Writing Room where Patrons share ideas about writing for children. Last but not least, the Art Room will keep readers uptodate with what is happening in Soul Food Art Studios.

The Alchemist's Lair is primarily for Year 12 students at LaTrobe Secondary College.

Make sure to take the time to check out two exciting Soul Food visual literacy projects which have successfully engaged students in both primary and secondary schools in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. A diverse group of individuals are currently presenting a broad range of responses to set tasks on the Big Bad Werewolf Project and Magic Beach projects. You could join them and learn about a very creative approach to literacy!

Last but not least, the Art Room will keep readers uptodate with what is happening in Soul Food Art Studios.

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Keon Park Primary
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Olympic Village Primary
Preston North East Primary
Reservoir East Primary School

Join Soul Food Community

ke the time to join the growing Soul Food Community and discover what lies behind the facade of this seemingly innocent cafe.

The Soul Food Cafe is actually a complex labyrinth, filled with quirky corners such as the Lemurian Abbey, Chamber of Horrors, populated by macabre characters and the Fantasy Cove down near the Lemurian Bay, where fantasy buffs wander in and out of exotic realms.

The Soul Food Art Room is a vibrant place where artists from many fields of artistic endeavor gather to share artistic and creative ideas. In doing so they replenish their own creativity. Why not join us and benefit from the wonderful cross pollination that takes place.

While you are here make sure to sign the Soul Food Guest Book.

Help establish a special identity for Soul Food Cafe. Pull out your paper, pens, wacoms, glue sticks, magazines, paints, needles, threads, patches, beads, buttons and boxes of remnants and create an artist's impression of this world and the world of cyber space.

Zany Post Box Links

Dead Letter Office

Visit the Dead Letter Office and unburden yourself. The Dead Letter Office is a great receptacle for dumping unfinished business

Art of the Illustrated Letter

In his letter to his parents, painter Joseph Lindon Smith (1863-1950), illustrates the vast quantities of fruit he is consuming in Venice - "Melons, pears, peaches, plums, apples, figs, grapes, and other things unknown to my interior," as well as the likely consequence of such a diet. He also mentions the arrival of the Bostonians, his social events, and the sale of his pictures to Isabella Stewart Gardner.

More samples of Illustrated Letters found through Gospel According to Mark

Letter Folding

Why the Heck Would You Want to Fold an Envelope? This site provides plenty of good reasons to make this a hobby. Alternatively you can make an envelope out of the letter. Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps show you how.
links from Josh over at Eating Peanuts.