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Pitbulls I Have Known by Chris Pelaez
in response to Pitbulls I Have Known exercise

Jarrod Montana.

Two words that have one meaning,"pitbull". Ugly, vicious and deceitful. The name Jarrod Montana sparked fear in all his peers youthful hearts. I felt privileged because I was friends with this feared savage of a being. that is 'till I started seeing right through his big, deep blue eyes that hid the twisted anger and confusion that laid in that awry warped head. Jarrod was a teen of sixteen with light brown hair that was always covered with his dirty blue cap and big shiny blue eyes that girls melted over.

Jarrod was a trouble maker in every respect, not to mention 'crap talker!' He had an attitude problem that was irreversible. He would sneer at everything and flare his nostrils like a dragon to create a tough fearful image. He thought he could take anyone on, anytime, anywhere. Jarrod was Mr Invincible. I can't believe I looked up to him. He was like a role model to me. I was so ignorant and stupid to think I wanted to be like this delinquent. A thieving, drug taking, no life loser, whose only future was within the tall walls of Port Phillip Prison.

I must admit through my abruptive hatred for Jarrod I still miss him. After the hell he put my family and I through last year, my parents still don't talk about him. I think they are just trying to protect me, you know, after the loss of their first son to drugs and a robbery gone wrong.

I still miss my brother Jarrod. I just wish he hadn't been such a savage, terrorising unlawful pitbull.

Stepping Out
based on Stepping Out exercise

My feet, so swift and fast like a cheater hunting down his prey. I was literally sliding across the footpath. It felt as if the wind was directing my feet. These shoes are awesome. I picked them up outside the front of an old shoe shop. They were in a large brown box amongst other half torn and ripped leather shoes, but these shoes were special, they were in mint condition. I couldn’t believe someone had thrown them out. They were a dark maroon colour and they were made from crocodile skin.

From that day on I was the champion sprinter. Nobody could come close to me. Everyday I became more popular. Everybody wanted to know my secret. I laughed, smiled and said it’s simply hard training and determination. A parties, gatherings, social events I was the special guest, and the girls, oh yes the girls, would surround and marvel at me. It was the state athletics championships the next day. This was an enormous event and I was the talk of the school. (Like always)

The majority of students were placing large amounts of money on me to win. If it weren’t for my magnificent, powerful shoes the pressure would be on but I had not a worry in the world.

It was morning and I woke up with my natural high. I did my usual morning thing. Today was one of the most important days of my life. From this day on I would reach stardom. From the state championships I would win the nationals from the nationals to international championship than boooom!!! Chris Ray would be a household name in every sport orientated home. I reached underneath my bed to grab my much beloved shoes when my dog Chicko ran out from under the bed to the corner of my room with my half torn and ripped shoes in his saliva filled mouth, “ noooooooooooooooooo!”