Patron Front Doors

This doorway by Shari Vogt is just one of the doorways at Soul Food that lead to the private rooms of membes of the Soul Food Community. Sit down to a banquet with them to gain a brief overview of who is in residence, has resided here at Soul Food.

To learn more about Soul Food and to gain an understanding of what the site offers do make sure to check out the FAQ.

Jenny Aarts
Carol Abel

Charity Alva
Tony Anthony
Susan Louise Anderson
Carolyn Aitken

Barbara Banta
Vivienne Bibby
Greg Blakey
Heather Blakey
Sarah Boland
Sharon Boggon
Linda Brotherton
Mike Browne
Leonie Bryant
Shiloh Cannon Blackburn
Julia Clay
Beth Lynne Clewley
Nicole Cody
Joanna Colbert
Lisa Collazo
Kerry Cue

Gabe Cyr

Edwina Peterson Cross
Natalie d'Arbeloff
Blanche d'Arbeloff
Lois Daley
Katja Delgato
Chris Dunmire
Trendle Ellwood
Bobbi Fetterly
Irene Fialho
Debra Fox
Lani Gerity Glenville
Lori Jayne Gloyd
Stephanie Hansen
Jenny Harris
Carolyn Hartley
Elizabeth Hayes
Mike Hemmer
Karli Hobson
Jean Houston
Vi Jones

Gail Kavanagh
Sylvia Kleindinst
Jan Kricker
Audrey Larkin
Louise Levergneaux
Eternally Luna
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Tera Leigh
Jillian Leslie
Amanda Maruhn
Lisa Mahon
Brant David McLauglin
Sue Martin
Marianne Mathaison
Aletta Mes
William Michaelian
Anita Marie Moscoso
Rachel Murphree
Gwen M. Myer
Belleruth Napastek
Megan Noel
Pauline Susan Nolan
Shaun O'Boyle
Joshua Parkinson
Lisa Phoenix
Kay Porterfield
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Linda Plaisted
D.K. Pritchett
Jane Resture
Winnie Rose Reyes
Jo Ralston
Karen Roberts
Monika Roleff
Max Roth
Fran Sbrocchi
Rhoz Studio
Naomi Rifkin

faucon of Sakin'el
Barbara Schaefer
Sharon Shubert
Teresa Seed
Patricia Stewart
Rhoz Studio

Jane Tilton
Cheryl Tucker

Catherine Tudor
Sirius Tyde
Shari Vogt
Michele Wacek
Megan Warren
Nicola Warwick
Jamie Walters
Jane Yolen

Student Folios

Natalie Hogan
Keenan Jones
Ryan Camilleri
Talia Quan

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Artist's Colony in an Old Hayloft

Consider claiming space and joining Soul Food artists and writers in the Old Hayloft Artist Studio.

Soul Food Cafe Patrons

New exercises, articles, essay and pieces of writing by patrons are constantly being added at Soul Food. It can be hard to keep track of just what is happening!

The tables at Soul Food are filled with struggling and accomplished writers alike, patrons who know that to perfect their craft they must come to the page on a daily basis. Soul Food provides a range of forums that fire imagination and ensure a stream of swiftly flowing words.

If you are interested in the deeply rewarding experience of creative community blogging, facilitated by a highly qualified and skilled teacher/moderator, the "entry point" Yahoo Group at Soul Food Cafe is highly recommended. Subscribe at Soul Food Cafe to begin your journey.

The Soul Food Cafe promotes a sense of community, but be cautioned! There is a chain reaction. Those who enter its labyrinthine corridors find themselves taking up residency, forever, haunted by the Muse, forced to live the life of a writer. Make sure to check all about Soul Food for clarification and direction.

Sarah Boland Interview

Sarah Boland interviews Heather Blakey with the view to tapping the creative force behind Soul Food.

Soul Food Art Walk

Take a totally wild walk on the wild side. Lace up your cyber boots and visit cyber artists in their galleries and find out what makes them tick.

Rug Hooker, Deanne Fitzpatrick has thrown open her studio doors to welcome trekkers and tell not only her own story but the story of Rug Hooking.

Titans Meet

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, says that she 'visits the Soul Food Cafe to revel in language, soak in creative experiments, and marvel at the depth that is there.'

When Planet Sark orbited into the realm of The Soul Food Cafe and SARK stepped off to met and be interviewed by Heather Blakey it was inevitable that electric waves that would be felt through cyber space. Learn more about this meeting and read Heather Blakey's extraordinary interview with SARK, the undisputed Queen of wildness and succulence.

Check the Planet Sark notice board to see some of the ecstatic responses to this ground breaking interview. Interviews with other luminaries can be found in Soul Food's Salon du Muse.

Michele Pariza Wacek

Meet Michele Pariza Wacek, Soul Food's in-house copywriter and marketer and find out more about creative marketing and copywriting.

Michele Pariza Wacek began writing professionally in 1993 and launched Creative Concepts and Copywriting, a writing, marketing and creativity agency, in 1998. Going into business was the best decision Michele ever made. She discovered a passion for combining her creativity with her writing ability and marketing knowledge to help her clients grow their businesses. And she can teach you to do the same.Discover her free articles, exercises and resources at Writing USA andnd don't forget to sign up for her free two monthly e-zines Create! and Create! A Market.

Deanne Fitzpatrick

Deanne Fitzpatrick grew up in Freshwater, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, the youngest of seven children. Her mother and both of her grandmothers hooked rugs as a past time, and as a chore of necessity. By the time she was born both her grandmothers had died and her mother had long since abandoned rug hooking as a chore of poverty.

These days Deanne Fitzpatrick hooks rugs as a means of self expression - a way to tell her narrative and the narrative of her world.

Deanne grew up on a hill overlooking the water, and watching it was her pastime. "That is a natural part of life by the water," she explains. "You watch it and plan your day by the rhythms of the tides. The omnipotence of the water is clear and understood by coastal people. It is said that you should never take the water for granted because it can only be counted on to change." Deanne's rug 'The Lookout' captures the essence of what she saw.

Check out Deanne's work and gain inspiration from her ideas. Make a story board of pictures that depict elements of your world and provide a sense of your place and space.

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire is a creativity enthusiast, wife, and student of life who resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Chris is a graphic designer and driving force behind the Creativity Portal, a Web site promoting the exploration and expression of personal creativity. Her lifework includes Web publishing, artistic dabbling, drawing corny comics, motivational writing, and encouraging creativity, self-awareness, and personal growth in others.

Natalie d'Arbeloff and her alter ego Augustine

It all began when Natalie d'Arbeloff and her alter ego, Augustine wandered into Soul Food and hung 7 Steps of Creation on the wall.

Then one day I came in and found Augustine curled up in the old hay loft, recovering from jet-lag. In Australia for an adventure! Bonza!

Given this rapscallions reputation it came as no real surprise when I wandered in to discover that Augustine had not only been checking out my hatbox, but that she had been trying all my hats on for size. Wicked!

Now Augustine is entrenched in the place. Make sure you make it a habit to check her residence, in the old Hayloft down behind Soul Food.

Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is an author of children's books, fantasy, and science fiction. She is also a poet, a teacher of writing and literature, and a reviewer of children's literature. She has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America and the Aesop of the twentieth century. Jane Yolen's books and stories have won the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, two Christopher Medals, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards, the Golden Kite Award, the Jewish Book Award, and the Association of Jewish Libraries Award. This web book presents information about her over two hundred books for children. It also contains essays, poems, answers to frequently asked questions, a brief biography, her travel schedule, and links to resources for teachers and writers. It is intended for children, teachers, writers, storytellers, and lovers of children's literature.

Jane Yolen is a little bit like the oracle. If you ask her a question you will always get an answer but may be it will not be the one you expected.