Soul Food Oracle

I teach my classes that the dictionary is the oracle and we spend time writing superlatives about what a treasure trove resides within. Given that it is the one book that students can take into the exam room it seems sensible to make full use of this tome of wisdom.

To begin we regularly use the dictionary to kick start writing.

If you are prepared to trust it, the dictionary always leads to some inspired writing.

Now that we are trained, my students and I randomly select a word, turn our pens to the page and write about anything.

Frame a question about creativity, a character in your novel, an important life issue or simply seek direction to meet your goals. Then click the Delphic Oracle and go to the Merriam Webster word of the day. 

Do not think about the word that appears. Just write reflectively, imaginatively, informatively or with wit for twenty minutes using the words and some of the meaning.