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Bad Girl On The Block
Olympic Village Student responses to Colouring Story exercise

One sunny Tuesday morning when Angelica set off to her aunt Didi’s and uncles Stew’s house she saw a police car. She was thinking, did her aunt and uncle call the police for what she had done last night. When Angelica went there yesterday, she was up to mischief, she wrecked her uncle Stew’s new record and new record player. When she was leaving to go to school she called Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Tommy stupid little babies. Just as she was walking out the door she said, “Bite me” to her aunt and uncle. When she was walking to school she saw a police car driving along beside her. The policeman wound down his window and said come here right now. Angelica ran away, right down to the corner and went in the schoolyard. The police car went through the gate that was open, near where they play soccer. The police car ruined the soccer lines that were marked only two days ago. The policemen hopped out the car and ran into the office so they could call her on the loud speaker. Angelica ran into the office and saw the police. The police said we are going to put you behind bars for two years. After she got out of jail she was really, really, really nice to all her family, even the babies.
by Emma Gould

One afternoon Tommy and his friends and of course Dill were playing with Tommy’s pony. Tommy was thinking of the story that his grandpa had read to them. Then came out the old mean ugly lady Angelica, she had four beans to give to the babies. “Hey babies, I’ve got four magic beans and I’ll trade ya” said Angelica. “For what?” asked the babies. “For the toy pony!” said Angelica. “Ok” said the babies. They both swapped and took the things they wanted and went away. With his magic bean Tommy wished for a clean room with a lot of toys and the others wished for the same thing. “Stupid babies!” yelled Angelica. She took the pony and went upstairs. Their wishes didn’t come true. “Donk, donk, donk, donk, donk!” “What’s that?” asked Chuckie. “Must be the beans that I wished for” said Tommy. Angelica heard what the babies said. She went downstairs to ask for the four beans back. “No can do!” said Tommy. Angelica tried to take the beans but they wouldn’t give them to her. “Let’s play hide and seek.” Angelica yelled. “I’ll be the person who finds you and you can go and hide.” “Ok” said the babies. “Drop the beans.” said Angelica. So Tommy dropped the beans and ran upstairs. As they ran, Angelica took the beans and ate them. “Crunch, crunch, crunch.” Nothing happened. “Ready or not here I come!” said Angelica. But it was time for Angelica to go, she dropped the pony and went home.
By Phuong Phan

One sunny morning the evil Angelica woke up, she quickly got dressed and ate her breakfast. At 3:05am she went into her backyard to get eggs and chuck them at her neighbours, because they leave their window open until 3:10am then they shut it. She got five eggs at once and started chucking them at the neighbours but the window was shut. She turned around and found everyone dressed up and she yelled, “Get lost, what do you want?” Her parents said “We’re going to Fun Land for fifteen hours but if you misbehave we are going turn straight around and come home. Angelica said “Fun Land! What are we waiting for?” Angelica was furious when she was been taken to see the babies. Soon Angelica cheered up because she was going to do schemes with the babies to get cookies and ice cream. As they were going to Fun Land Angelica spat on another car so they turned right around and that’s when Angelica found out how her bahaviour had been getting her in trouble for years. So she started being good for a change and her future changed, she became friends with everyone on the block and they never had trouble again, almost.

By Gary McMahon.