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Introducing Pauline Nolan

If Pauline Nolan were filling out one of those forms she would tick - never married. She is a psychologist, but has worked a long time in DOCS - in the field of child abuse. She has lots of interests. She completed a certificate in decorative woodcarving and moved on to sculpture which she says is very relaxing.

Pauline has just finished a gargoyle, which probably won't fit in her flat now as it is a human one and life sized. She is starting a new project for a friend - who wants an angel but with a Greek Adonis body, scantily clad. A challenge indeed.

Pauline says that she had tried her hand on the stock market and lost a few thousand, but still reading. While conceding that finances were never her strong point she is trying to learn at a late age.

Pauline loves films and is going to London in November 20001 to attend the First European Psychoanalytic Film Festival. She is hoping to come back via Guatemala as, on the internet she found f that they have an art school there where you can fly in and do a week or so of watercolours, pastels AND creative writing. She found this out when she typed in creative writing into my computer. At the same time she discovered the Soul Food Cafe and having arrived seems keen to stay on.

Pauline wants to do the watercolour course at Guatemala since it is likely that the writing course will be in Spanish. She is particularly interested in learning botanical illustration for reasons not yet discovered.

Most Saturdays Pauline swims in races at Balmoral Beach - she loves novels, particularly murder mysteries, likes cooking but hasn't had much time in the last couple of years as she has been studying psychotherapy and working at 2 or 3 jobs. Recently Pauline took up lawn bowls and has the sexy uniform to go with it!

The main thing is that she found us here at Soul Food and will, I feel certain, add a fresh new perspective. Welcome Pauline.