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Messenger Bag $24:99

With folk heading off to the Land of Spells and Enchantments and about to start a new project Lemurian Playmates consider shouting yourself a le Enchanteur Messenger Bag to carry. Of course, there are lots of other goodies available as well.

Art Journal $12:99

If you have just found Soul Food's ABC of Activities and feel like having a special notebook just to store your responses we do have a wonderful range of notebooks to choose from.

All designs are the original artwork of Greg and Heather Blakey and Monika Roleff This is a great opportunity to save and try anything that has caught your fancy. Lots to choose from, and all designs are original. Enjoy!

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Hello Foodies

The time has come to set up a newsletter again. Since I retired in 2005 I have been working almost full time on the site and have been actively working to expand and develop it. When 2006 dawned I said that this would be my year and I still believe that this is my reality.

Soul Food has been built over a ten year period and during that time it provided me with a place for me to stockpile creative stimuli. Interestingly enough, during that time the direction changed and Soul Food became a refuge to retreat to. These days it provides very real sanctuaries where an individual or group can escape from the insanity that seems to pervade all aspects of a society.

A highlight of 2005 was the creation of the Silk Road. A group of hardy travelers snapped up the opportunity to head off with le Enchanteur in search of the Amazon Queen's camp and the journey proved remarkable. It culminated with the creation of the 2005 Advent Calendar which was a joy to make.

This year, travelers have readily taken up residence at Riversleigh Manor and have enjoyed climbing the Lemurian Faraway Tree to discover the lands that are at the top of the tree. There is no doubt that the Land of Chinese New Year captured everyone's imagination and now, word has reached us that the Land of Spells and Enchantments has arrived.

Heather Blakey

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Monika Roleff has joined forces with Heather Blakey to open the Soul Food Hermitage Art Store. Please help to keep Soul Food a free site by supporting her work at the Soul Food Hermitage.

Online Blogging

Have you read Zen and the Art of Team Blogging and learned about the creative transformation that can take place in within a team blogger?

Enquire about the Salon du Soul and use it as an online forum to test run these exercises and hone your craft. Contact heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net dot au for more details

Monster Doodle Book
for Writer's and Artists

The Monster Doodle Book for Writer's and Artist's
is chock full of activities which will keep an individual or group, who likes some direction, who appreciates stimuli, busy for at least a year.

Buy yourself a new unique, Soul Food journal and commit yourself to following The Soul Food Way. Make writing and art a daily practice.