Meet some of the cast of characters who live within
the temple that is
Heather Blakey.

Cruella DeVil by Pat Frey

Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth fire, hence presiding over domestic life and The Soul Food Cafe.

Joan of Arch - Lone Warrior

Make the effort to meet the cast of characters who live within the temple that is you. Become a Private Eye and wander into your inner world. Check out who is living there. Write a report on what you discover for your boss. Alternatively you can seat them around a round table and tape their conversation. Make a collage which expresses their dreams and desires. If you are feeling really wild, hit the recycled stores and find clothes that will suit each of those characters. Me, I just love heading out looking like Cruella.

Enhanced image courtesy of Sylvia Kleindinst
Art work by Pat Frey


October Nonsense 2004

It is Spring in Melbourne! The trees are greening, the days are decidedly balmy. It was a very cold winter this year and the sunshine has warmed my spirits. I hit the wall in September when I caught the dreaded virus and I was laid low for weeks.

But now my energy is returning and I am in the mood for madness. So this October let us kick up our heels and do insane things. Interested?

Wild Activities

When I found this artwork I had to pull out my Derwent Coloured Pencils and colour them in. What fun! I could hear their voices muttering in my head, determined to be heard.


Draw or seek out artistic images of personified creatures like these. Colour them, make costumes for them or simply listen to what they are saying to you.

Name and establish a profile for your character.

Make up a headline, put the spotlight on your character and write about them walking the red carpet at the Oscars, achieving glory at the Olympics or becoming a super model.

Above all make sure to have some fun.