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Warm the Stone Artist. Trial this unique 'Ceremony of the Mirror, a Soul Food ritual, designed to promote active imagination and stimulate creativity. You can add responses to the Lemurian Forum here at Soul Food.

Salon du Muse

Within The House of the Muse is a very special Salon, The Salon du Muse, where creatives gather to share creative ideas that nourish the muse and oil the creative neurons.

A flesh and blood gathering will also meet regularly at Carnforth. The creative activities of this Salon will be available to provide a template for visitors to Soul Food and the House of the Muse who are eager to experiment with creative ideas and keen to reinvent themselves.

Nourish the Muse

Participating in the Salon du Muse involves stimulating outings to nourish the muse.

1. Warrandyte is a famous artists colony in the hills to the north of Melbourne which retains an element of the rural village. A number of craftspeople and artists have taken up residence in the area which has something of a reputation for its conservationist values. Warrandyte is known for its pottery but when I go to there to nourish my muse I stop at the Charity shop to pick up some pieces for my visual journal, the second-hand bookshop and the Bakery. It is a perfect day!

2. Grab your camera and explore your neighborhood as a tourist.

The other day my Year 12 class and I went on a Magical Mystery Writing Tour and had an amazing day visiting our city centre as tourists.

I felt the wings of the muse at our side all day. A friend came with us to act as a tour guide and she helped us discover the secret stone people of the city.

While the students had an hour to investigate the city arcades Elizabeth showed me the Koko Chocolate Salon. We sat in their leather bound chairs and savored the texture of the rich chocolate.

Meanwhile students accosted all sorts of people - police; Japanese Tourists; Kenny Kramer; and had their photographs taken with them all. We flaunted our cameras and went around like a group of city walkers on tour. I saw people listening in, smiling.

Some girls went to Koko on our recommendation and jubilantly told us how they were given free hot chocolates. 'No one does that' said a wide eyed girl. Boys managed to get free tickets to the football and they met some celebrated soap stars. They found the weird and the wonderful, a possum tucked in a hole in a tree, goldfish swimming, a fairy tree.

'There is no such thing as a free lunch!' Now they are filing travel articles to capture some of the magic and mystery of Melbourne on a balmy autumnal day.

One Portal Point - Tour Guide

Becoming familiar with the Soul Food Cafe is a challenge. It has vast hallways and many rooms and an individual could be lost down the back and miss intriguing elements of the cafe. This portal point feature is a bit like a tour guide, focuses on one element each month. Each month you will be shown another part of this expansive cyber cafe.

Since school resumed, here in Australia, the Student Lounge at Soul Food has been buzzing with activity as students begin to load up their responses to class work.

Students at LaTrobe Secondary College, along with students at two of its feeder primary schools, have been adapting Edgar Allen Poe's, Masque of The Red Death and the results are quite staggering.

Come into the cafe and meet some of the students from participating schools. Read their pieces and encourage them by responding to entries on the Student Forum. If you feel inspired you can, of course, add a piece of your own.

Student virtual workbooks and folios are currently under review and construction and you can see for yourself just how exciting technology is when it is used well.

Colour your world and make a soulful difference

Being creative extends to brightening dark corners of your world. Stephanie Hansen really has the magic touch when it comes to filling rooms with colour.

Read her Interior Declaration and visit her studio to see the diversity of creatively inspired art that she has on display and then buy some paint pots and bright material and begin to colour your world.

Cyber Pathways

Lace up your cyber boots and follow the footprints I have left. Lisa's Nostalgic Cafe is one place to drink from the well of remembrance and her material is sure to trigger some memories and help you to write a little nostalgia.

Why have I never been to this Halloween Ball before? Now this is an amazing site.

This Secret Japanese House is filled with magical images. Make sure to use Babel Fish to get a basic translation from Japanese to English.



April - May 2004

Find Inspiration in Hooked Rugs

The Lookout courtesy of Deanne Fitzpatrick.

Deanne Fitzpatrick grew up in Freshwater, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, the youngest of seven children. Her mother and both of her grandmothers hooked rugs as a past time, and as a chore of necessity. By the time she was born both her grandmothers had died and her mother had long since abandoned rug hooking as a chore of poverty.

These days Deanne Fitzpatrick hooks rugs as a means of self expression - a way to tell her narrative and the narrative of her world.

Deanne grew up on a hill overlooking the water, and watching it was her pastime. "That is a natural part of life by the water," she explains. "You watch it and plan your day by the rhythms of the tides. The omnipotence of the water is clear and understood by coastal people. It is said that you should never take the water for granted because it can only be counted on to change." Deanne's rug 'The Lookout' captures the essence of what she saw.

Check out Deanne's work and gain inspiration from her ideas. Make a story board of pictures that depict elements of your world and provide a sense of your place and space.

....and Tarot Cards

courtesy of Joanna Powell Colbert

This Fool is much more a Seeker than a Clown or Jester. She is at that stage of life between childhood and adulthood when anything is possible, and her life lies before her like a page waiting to be written. We see her beginning a journey, taking a moment to contemplate the road ahead before setting off down the hillside. With Fox as her trickster companion, who knows what surprises await her? Swallows and Swallowtails flit and flutter around her, guiding her way.

Meditate upon Joanna Powell Colbert's Gaian Tarot and write narrative fragments of your own journey using Powell Colbert's descriptors as a frame.

Sense of Place

Write, sketch, paint, collage, hook a rug, contruct some verse. Use whichever medium you feel most comfortable with to xpress your sense of place; to share your private universe.

courtesy of Deanne Fitzpatrick.

Wanting What I Have

I am so small
on seven acres
beneath a starry sky
rich blues lit up by fireflies
in knee high grass surprising me with their light.

My pick up sits in the front drive
beyond a grey shingled barn
housing mounds of colour
and freezing out the moths

The pitch of my roof is perfect,
the green clapboard washed out
and smoke rising,
as I return from the woods
I see it all like it was someone else's

Deanne Fitzpatrick March 2004

Sunset Bay New York, courtesy of Sylvia Kleindist who sits, each morning, capturing a scene from her window.

At present, Sirius Tyde, a single father, is staying on the land in Alaska to raise two beautiful kids. Writing is helping keep his mind off the sea........