What was said about the Activity Calendar?

Don't fail to visit and bookmark the delightful Activity Calendar which Heather has produced for her Soul Food Cafe, the famous Australian haven and virtual meeting ground for writers, artists and talented folks of every description - including yrs truly. We have a permanent pied a terre at the Cafe.
Natalie and Augustine

A wonderful Advent gift came from Heather at Soul Food Cafe, who prepared a virtual Advent Calendar , with one 'door' to be opened every day through to Dec 26. Like everything at Soul Food, this is a labor of love packed with good writing, thoughts and ideas both for making this a rewarding and fruitful time, and especially for navigating the sometimes stormy and difficult waters of the holiday season.
Cassandra Pages

Soul Food Cafe has a whimsical Advent Calender ... with a uniquely Australian focus, in order to promote gaiety and colour during December... This calendar is designed with writers in mind but anyone looking to relax and unwind will find inspiration within pages that braid the universal threads of joy, gratitude, peace and goodwill to mankind. what a beautiful thing. boynton has been catching up with the last 8 days, and found the 3rd entry on homing and the 4th on overcoming loneliness quite inspiring.

A Higlight of the Activity Calendar

Walk through the wardrobe and discover the enchanting world of Narnia and taste the special delicacies served up by Edwina Peterson Cross

Featured Writing Link

If, like me,you yearn to make the medieval pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela, then the images of the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos that I found at Mysterium will simply harden your resolve to get there.

Like Carlos at Mysterium "I've yet to set worldly cares aside to make the trek" Carlos waxes rhapsodic. He writes: "The castles, cloisters and friendly young women - I mean, cathedrals - one comes across in northern Spain. Then there's the magic of hobbit-like descents into wine caves, the incomparable gusto (pardon, vegetarian friends) of roasting lamb chops in an open field over a fire made on dry rosemary branches. There are places where water is beautiful because its presence in certain landscapes is utterly unimaginable. Above all, there's a silence there, the famous, supposedly mystic Castilian silence, under huge blue skies, that demands something be said."

Make sure you take the monastery tour and view the path that the pilgrims followed.



January - February 2004

A Wild and Wacky Writing Challenge

Sylvia Kleindinst talks about the art of making Paper Dolls. Learn to make dolls and use them to brush up on your history and enhance your writing all at the same time.


Back to the Future.

It may have been created for December 2003 but this Activity Calendar will fill up many hours and teach you a lot about Australian culture, flora and fauna. You would be silly not to go back and have a very good look at what it offers.

J.F. Archibald used to say that what Australia needed most was a Minister for Red Umbrellas - meaning someone representative of the gaiety and colour of national life

As the de facto Minister for Red Umbrellas, for December 2003, the hostess of the Soul Food Cafe launched a whimsical Activity Calendar, with a uniquely Australian focus, in order to promote gaiety and colour during December.

Christmas in Australia coincides with the winding down of the working year, the end of school and the long summer holidays. Summer in Australia involves extreme temperatures, action sports, sunscreen, picnics, barbies, slabs of cold beer, outdoor dining, camping under the stars, sunburn, blow flies and red back spiders behind the dunny door.

This calendar is designed with writers in mind but anyone looking to relax and unwind will find inspiration within pages that braid the universal threads of joy, gratitude, peace and goodwill to mankind. There is enough to keep artists and writers alike, occupied for months, and, in absorbing the breadth of the calendar everyone will learn a lot more about Australia.

People from all over the world who have been associated with the site have lent a helping hand with this calendar and as a result there are 25 primary pages, spanning 25 days, with inclusive projects, nostalgia and nonsense from both hemispheres.

Thank you to each and every one who has contributed to make this calendar such a success.

Re-filling the Chocolate Box

The fillings in Soul Food's Chocolate Box have been delicious but it is time to refill the box. Childhood is a state or phase of imaginative existence, the phase in which the world of imagination is still a brave new world and yet reassuring and intelligible. The current fillings of the chocolate box will be changing in March 2004 when the Soul Food Cafe focuses on celebrating childhood joy, spontaneity and imagination. After March you will be able to access all the former fillings by seeking Berried Treasure here in the cafe.

On Hearing

Most of us have had the experience of reading on one level one day and then, on another day, finding that fresh illumination comes and, the same words have taken on a special new meaning.

One of my favourite companions is A Joseph Campbell Companion Reflections on the Art of Living which was compiled by Diane K. Obson. It is always nearby and, a week after finishing the Advent Calendar I read the chapter about writer's block and having to suspend all criticism in order to work most effectively.

The Soul Food Cafe and the Activity Calendar have finally enabled me to really hear my unique voice. I now know who is going to see my work and who my audience is. I feel that I have demonstrated my particular writing style.

My style is distinctive, different from what is out here in cyber space. I have a special relationship with all the material I use and I write as though I am writing for someone I love. This is all that matters.

Heather Blakey January 1st, 2004.

detonate some fire works and celebrate broken writing block.