Pop Fiction Project 2005

Check out the Popular Fiction Hip Hop Music feature that was completed by LaTrobe Secondary College students. Students made altered vinyl covers and wrote lyrics about To Love Veronica Bee. They cut their singles at the Experimedia Centre in Melbourne's State Library. Graphic artist, Greg Blakey has designed this exciting cyber DJ studio where student tracks are played.

New, exciting Popular Fiction projects, following on from the highly successful work on To Love Veronica Bee, will be taking place at LaTrobe Secondary College, Reservoir East Primary School and Preston East Primary School.

During Term 2 students will present art work and multi media related to 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. Then, during Term 3 they will work on the juvenile novel 'Nathan Nutboard Hits The Beach', by the acclaimed Anthony Eaton, author of 'The Darkness', 'A Kind of Dreaming' and 'The Girl Who Lived In A Cave'.

Keep an eye out for progress as students work on this during term two and three. You can expect to see some wild beach holiday inspired multi media and artwork emerging.

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When Chris Dunmire, at the Creativity Portal, puts you under the spotlight it is a real moral booster. But recently she really stroked me when she featured my work as a 'success story' . While I was touched by this gesture, each day, when I open my mail, I am totally humbled to find the notices from blogger, announcing fresh posts on the blogs that are now linked to the site. Soul Food genuinely has become an interactive site which promotes creativity.

Ohio Homestead's Recipes & Recollections of a Season
by Trendle Ellwood

Embark on a journey through the four seasons of a market farmer/homesteaderís life. Join her as she taps trees for maple syrup and discovers the first snowdrops peeking through the snow in early spring. Walk alongside as she pursues the wild berry brambles of June and gleans the rustling cornfields in late autumn. Finally, snuggle in by the wood stove while the stew simmers during the cold of winter. In the pages of Ohio Homesteadís Recipes & Recollections of a Season, Trendle Ellwood brings us a taste of the challenges and a sampling of the joys of a life lived close to the heart of nature. She shares with us the hope that as in the seasons of the garden, likewise within the human heart, winter is destined to melt into spring.

Meet Trendle Ellwood at Soul Food and talk to her.

Sarah Boland Interview

Sarah Boland interviews Heather Blakey with the view to tapping the creative force behind Soul Food.

Footprint Challenge.

Artists who participated in the Footprint Challenge were sent a small stash of paper, fabric and oddments together with a shoe insole. The challenge was to make something with this. The morale of the story is that when you challenge an artist to make something out of nothing you can expect to be surprised.

Soul Food Art Walk

Take a totally wild walk on the wild side. Lace up your cyber boots and visit cyber artists in their galleries and find out what makes them tick.

Rug Hooker, Deanne Fitzpatrick has thrown open her studio doors to welcome trekkers and tell not only her own story but the story of Rug Hooking.

Curiosity Shop

Anita Marie Moscoso has opened a Curiosity Shop within the walls of Soul Food. Anita Marie passion for the curious and ghostly is adding fresh colour to Soul Food.

So what shall it be tonight? A ghost story? Maybe a twisted tale of revenge or longing or greed? What? My story. Why not? It's a good one, if I don't say so myself. Take a seat and listen to 'The Spirits of Eventide.'

Alluvial Mine Open

An Alluvial Mine has been discovered within the grounds of Soul Food and it is opening for sturdy miners who know that to find real creative gold you have to be prepared to dig deeply.

Check the Alluvial Mine Newsheet for updates and follow Mining progress.

Advent Calendar for Artists

Soul Food is proud to launch what has become an annual feature. The December 2004 Advent Calendar is full of projects that have been test run during 2004 in Melbourne schools, and features the work of artists from around the world.

Make sure to let all you friends know that they must visit Soul Food on a daily basis during December in order to experience the joy of opening up a new link on the Calendar.

Titans Meet

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, says that she 'visits the Soul Food Cafe to revel in language, soak in creative experiments, and marvel at the depth that is there.'

When Planet Sark orbited into the realm of The Soul Food Cafe and SARK stepped off to met and be interviewed by Heather Blakey it was inevitable that electric waves that would be felt through cyber space. Learn more about this meeting and read Heather Blakey's extraordinay interview with SARK, the undisputed Queen of wildness and succulence.