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Belleruth Naparstek, Webmaster of Health Journeys writes about her relationship with the Muse

my muse... well, let's see... i actually do a lot of research, talk to many people who suffer from the health or mental health issue i'm making the imagery for.... i also talk to their health providers and families... but mostly it's the people themselves who inspire and motivate me, so that when i sit down to write, i ask that their experiences and wisdom flow through my fingers and into the keyboard. i never quite know what i'm going to write til i start, even with all that research and careful preparation...

later, after i've written it, i go over all my research notes again in a nice left-brain way to make sure i've covered all the bases, and then i test it out on people and tweak the text with their feedback. but i guess you could say that my muses are the people who need the imagery.


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