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Godfridus de os

I was once a musician in the house of the dead.

When I took a job as a Mortician's Apprentice I never left behind the image of myself as a musician or as a story teller.

Becoming a writer has been something I have wanted to do since I was a child, I was desperate to learn to read in order to be able to write.

Now I have come to a place in my life where my dream to become a writer is back and my muse now has my full attention.

So I have come to the Soul Food Cafe, humbly, as an Apprentice.

I knew when I first came to this room the painting was new and I have watched it fade to nothing my entire life. Also this room was completely empty. There were no doors, there were no windows. But the floor was marble and the walls and ceiling were braced with huge timbers.

I am here as an Apprentice in order to restore that dream of writing and of creating that I which I have watched fade to dust over these years. I am here to create doors and windows.They may be darkened windows and the hinges on the doors may screech as I push them open. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

I have traveled to places and met people some wouldn't consider worth their time, my life has been a series of adventures and I have learned stories in the most unlikely of places. I have come here to learn to tell my tales.

I hope you will enjoy them.

That's me, Anita Marie Moscoso, formally Anita Marie Godfrey.

The Chamber of Horrors

A tunnel from Soul Food leads to the Chamber of Horrors which is actually an abandoned Victorian Era Medical School. Anita Marie Moscoso presides over this region, providing a page from the Chamber of Horrors History. Enter at your own risk.

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Story Starters

Chamber of Horror Story Starters can be found at Soul Food. Try Red Death or the brand new one about a Noble Shewolf.