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Well Muse Me - and Anita Marie Moscoso

I’ve been following posts in our group about our Muses.

This is mine.

I can’t explain why which is sad considering I’m supposed to be a writer and words are supposed to  be my friends.


My poor Muse.

I pick on him, make fun of him and when I can’t write I blame my woes on him and then I go to McDonalds and blame every single french fry I devour with joyless gusto on him too.

I am pretty sure that the real idea of a muse is that they are supposed to inspire you to create.

I don’t think they’re supposed to be like those toy voodoo dolls that sit on top of your computer monitor and you can stick pins into for fun.


In my own defense I would like it noted that though I may have considered pins at times I never considered using staples.

No matter what he says.


I am bound and determined to figure out how this Muse / Artist relationship

is really supposed to work.

I figure its only a matter of time until I do

because if I don’t figure it out




For a more comprehensive collection of the work of Anita Marie Moscoso visit her page at Soul Food

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