Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the most creative
of them all?

The magic of the mirror, whether the reflecting surface of a looking-glass or the image seen in the woodland pool still stimulates the imagination as profoundly as in ancient times. Mythology and superstition alike bear witness to the powerful influence of mirror magic upon human thought. The story of Vulcan's mirror which revealed past, present and future; the magic mirror of Merlin which gave warning of treason; the dreaded Smoking mirror of the Mayan world, the all-seeing mirror of Al-Asnam are just some examples.

The mirror has been described as the door through wich the soul may find freedom, but the Greek Legend of Narcissus is the perfect allegory: grasping at his reflected image in the fountain, the youth was absorbed, and then embraced death, to remain the undying symbol of self love.

When Snow White's step mother, the Queen, went into the room that housed the magic mirror and asked it to declare who was the fairest of them all, she knew the answer already. A beautiful woman, in her prime, she knew that the mirror would provide the 'right' answer. She had watched the young bud, Snow White, begin to bloom, seen the attention Snow White took from her. She had proof that, in the eyes of her society, her beauty was diminishing. When the mirror revealed that Snow White was ten times more beautiful it came as no real surprise.

Perhaps, if the Queen had done some different mirror work they could have lived in harmony! Well! It was just a thought!

Mirror Work
Beyond the Looking Glass - by E.P.Cross

Warming The Stone Artist
The Ceremony of the Mirror

A reflection from the past, an ancient pottery figurine is seen in the mirror of obsidian, or volcanic glass, set in a carved frame some 700 years old. The figure itself, at least twice that old, depicts a dignified, straight-backed woman.

A Mirror Exercise

Look into the mirror... focus on the image.. absorb the surface... look deeply into the mirror.. .allow this ancient woman communicate with you. Ask the ancient, dignified, straight back woman penetrating questions about the anatomy of creativity.

Fill the mirror with the symbolism that is revealed to you.

Write the dialogue between yourself and the ancient, wise woman.

Try some mirror word weaving.

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