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American Webmaster of Journal Magic, Sue Meyn, writes about her Muse

Writing for me, is a tool for survival. It's one of many creative habits that nurtures the soul, nourishes the heart and offers freedom to beam into the imaginative life. Of course my writing modality of choice is, first and foremost, the journal. It's as lively and friendly as crayons on paper and cookies with milk. Just as we oooo-oo and ahh-hhh over our little one's early drawing----nothing more that colors on a page, so the journal is a place to enjoy our odd or ordinary means of verbal expression. We can be just as forgiving of ourselves as we are of those little people who color mysterious shapes and see their work as great pieces of art. So we can look at our journals and see ourselves as writers----great writers.

I, personally, need the forgiveness of the journal to get me going--out of my head and onto the page. Without the forgiveness or perhaps the freedom of the journal, my critic takes charge and little happens--- sentences are chopped, stilted and lack personal warmth. Themes come with effort and the liquid, melodious voice of my personal muse is disguised with wooden and rigid forms. Only through years of practice in my journal have even I learned that I do, indeed, have my own muse and spirit---and spirited muse!

From my vantage point, having studied the psychological and spiritual aspects of life for so long, the muse is aligned to life force, god and springtime flowers---with a twist! All of life can seem so heavy, so ponderous, that sometimes we can deepen ourselves into a pit of seriousness and despair. The a-musing aspect of life offers us a chance to step out of the pit and into the flowers once again. I think that's my recognition of the survival value of writing---it helps me to see and know both the pit and the escape from it.

The journal-or my muse-called to me many years ago, asking me to begin to write. The voice within was strong---as strong as I feel it now, and encouraged me to come forth, let myself out of my internal prison, and learn to fly. My progress has been slow and steady, learning how to shuttle from being "out there" to "in here" and valuing each place for its own benefits. Now is a time for stretching even further, trusting the source more as I write not only for myself but for others to read as well.

My experiments and experience are leading me to honor, trust and respect the mysterious life process that we reside within AND that resides within us. I think I can safely say that I'm willing to give up the idea that there is some formula for safety, security and freedom from fear. My only safety is to live in the moment, guided by my Spirit, Muse, God---whatever the name. Writing is, for me, a tool for survival. I feel what is me, what isn't me and wonder about what else may come to be. You may like it, too. Give it a try!


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