"The Heart of the Raven"

The raven flies from Tir-na-Nog,
Across the sunless sea, into
Our time. He leaves the Fool
Behind, amidst the black-ink trees.
Descended, he puts on
New shape and form, and a cape
Flowing down to the tops of his
Boots, the remnant of his feathers.
The one who tricked the Council of the
Gods has come again to mortal
Time. He begins his graceful
Stridings, echo of his graceful
Flight, across the lands of light and
Shadow. Ebony tresses like those
Of the mage Damiano follow the contours
Of his face, across his shoulders.

He steps into our fire light.
He has come home, he has come home,
To his Home In The Far Away.
What is it? What is it you bring,
Out of the darkness and into the light?
You our secret sharer, your secret
Touch alighting on our minds,
What is it? What is it you bring?

"It is a stone from the Plane of Sharon."
Strong, gentle hands reveal
The blue bag of stag's hide.
He pulls the strings, the stone falls
Out, into his palm. The fire
Illuminates the snow-white stone.

"Out of this stone, the Orie Flambe."
Over the fire, the kettle is placed;
The kettle's water shall be sacred.
"From this stone--stew for all."

How is it? How is it you make
The stew that fed the Adam Kadmon?
The impalpable solution to brew,
He drops the stone into the water.
"You will see the Orie Flambe.
You will see the Covenant kept--
Forevermore, forevermore."

Raven dances and sings our songs.
Raven gives flesh to whispered tales.
The light of the Covenant archs over us,

~ Brant David McLaughlin, October 22, 2004 CE