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Lori is a fifth-generation Californian and lives atop an ancient sand dune near Los Angeles.

Lori Muse

Lori, by her own admission, is not much in to hymn writing, but she thought she would illustrate an imaginary muse.   She’s not some airy-fairy Greek-type muse flitting about Mount Olympus in a chiffon dress.  No, Lori imagines her muse to be a barista, serving up a good cup of Joe and some creative advice.   (If you ever watched Star Trek: NG, think of Guinan in Ten-Forward)

So, she created this montage in homage to Corvida, the barista-muse.

Lori at Soul Food

Lori Gloyd is a hardworking blogmesterin at Soul Food. Make sure to check out her work here.

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