Shine - Anthology

Download your free copy of Shine. This Anthology has been compliled to showcase student writing at LaTrobe Secondary College.

This anthology features samples of LaTrobe student responses to activities that are on Soul Food, together with other pieces of their writing from their English classes during 2004.


Popular Fiction 2005

Check out the Popular Fiction Hip Hop Music feature that was completed by LaTrobe Secondary College students. Students made altered vinyl covers and wrote lyrics about To Love Veronica Bee. They cut their singles at the Experimedia Centre in Melbourne's State Library. Graphic artist, Greg Blakey has designed this exciting cyber DJ studio where student tracks are played.

New, exciting Popular Fiction projects, following on from the highly successful work on To Love Veronica Bee, will be taking place at LaTrobe Secondary College, Reservoir East Primary School and Preston East Primary School.

During Term 2 students will present art work and multi media related to 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. Then, during Term 3 they will work on the juvenile novel 'Nathan Nutboard Hits The Beach', by the acclaimed Anthony Eaton, author of 'The Darkness', 'A Kind of Dreaming' and 'The Girl Who Lived In A Cave'.

Keep an eye out for progress as students work on this during term two and three. You can expect to see some wild beach holiday inspired multi media and artwork emerging.

Retired 2005

Heather Blakey retired from the Education Department in 2005 and can now be contacted at soulfoodcafe