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Introducing Audrey Larkin

At age six Audrey was given a task by her first grade teacher. The task was to read ten books for a special reward.

Audrey was sick and unable to attend school with her peers for a period of two months. Due to this she was very lonely and missed her peers and especially her teacher and learning. Always eager to learn, she took to this task like a baby to its mother.

This was the start of a life long love of reading and collecting of books both old and new with gilded pages. Collecting books is something Audrey feels she can do for herself, something she can pass on to her children and grand-children.

From this passion came her love of writing. She started writing while she was in college. Although difficult, she found the research was very stimulating. The best thing was the finished product, very often completed at 2 o'clock in the morning. It was a pleasure to complete these papers and good marks inspired her to continue writing.

Audrey's relationship with writing has been one of sheer pleasure. Writing, Audrey says, is her way of becoming totally focused, of forgetting about the stresses of the world. She says that some of her most pleasurable days are those when she has completed a writing task of some form. Those are the days when she feel complete and more able to deal with everyday life.

Audrey resides in Ossining NY with her husband of 27 years. She is the mother of 5 children 4 of them stepchildren, all of whom she loves dearly. The big loves of her life are her three grandchildren and, with one on the way she will soon have more to enjoy.

Audrey always said that life is for living and these are the reasons why.