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Audrey Larkin's Muse encourages her to write

As I ponder over my Muse so much of what I love to do comes to mind.

Feeling free from the world, free to be me, freedom from me. What a heady, joyous and beautiful way to go. Words just tumble around and around inside me awaiting release.

To help things along my muse spends time with me reading, thinking, and very often, dreaming of ideas. What are these ideas for? Why do they keep coming to me? What do I want to do with them? These questions harp on me over and over.

My Muse finally responds with one word that has so much meaning: "Writing". It is like in Peter Pan a "Never land" full of ceaseless wonders. Reality, fantasy, sunshine, rain, blizzards, life, death, love, hatred, kindness, boldness, guilt, darkness of the night, evil, goodness, anything and everything to cross the path of my mind is set free.

Yes, free to flow from my heart to my brain down to my fingers that hold a writing tool or scoot across the smoothness of a keyboard onto paper or a computer screen. Why do I wander along these paths sometimes easy, most times such a struggle? Still this question haunts me time and time again.

My Muse responds by allowing me to do this one thing. To open up and put these constantly tumbling, moving, flowing, screaming, laughing, crying, one emotion after another full of words down, for what could be one day or for eternity. Most of my written words will be around for just a day or even less than a minute. The garbage and delete key of the computer will eat the majority of them. Some will reach and touch other people and last longer.

Most will just show up and stay privately with me never to be seen by anyone including the garbage or delete key. Some on paper, some on the computer and much will remain buried inside of me forever. Regardless of what happens with these words, my Muse will always feel fulfilled because I will continue to nourish it whenever it cries out to me.

Audrey K. Larkin 7/17/02


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