As I was sitting near a stream by the mountainside I could see a school of extremely colourful fish. The first fish I saw had a word on it. It said Tahlia, but as I watched it I seen another fish that said WHAT! I guess the first fish said Tahlia because that is my name but why did the other purple fish say WHAT? Maybe on the other side it might have the other part of WHAT? Was this fish trying to tell me something? What does it mean by WHAT? I wonder what it said on the other side of this purple fish? I need to know what WHAT means.

I grab my fishing rod and put it right in front of the purple fish and it bites the bait. I pull up the rod. Suddenly it jumps off my knee and opens his mouth. "What's the big idea?" yells the fish. I just stare back. I've never seen a talking fish before and I don't think you have, have you? "OK so don't answer. I'm going," he yells a bit louder. "W-w-wait" I say "Where are you going, What did you mean on your scales, How can you survive above water, What is your name?"

The fish walks over to me. Don't ask me how he can walk but he can. He jumps up on my knee and stares straight into my eyes. I could here him mumbling something but I couldn't work out what it was. Before you could say: what are you saying? The fish had turned me into a fish, a purple fish, just like him. "So you want to know answers?" He said, "then come with me. By the way my name's Sam" And with that he had jumped into the water and started swimming.

I had no choice but to jump in the stream. It's like nobody would recognize me anyway, so I jumped in. It was beautiful cold water. I felt like a fish in a big ocean. Wait a minute I am a fish swimming in a stream leading to an ocean looking at a beautiful, sparkling, enormous castle. I never knew life under the sea could be so wonderful. I envy all fishes.

Just as I was about to go in Sam stopped me. "You know that once you come in you can never get out" I stared " Never get out? I thought this was only a day trip. Sam, I have to be home by tea!" Sam looked at me a sort of puzzled look. "Don't worry the time stops when a human is under the sea" "But what if I am here forever" I say "Then time will stop forever" "I don't think that I want to be a fish anymore Sam. I want to go back to land" I yell, "How do I become Human again?" "The only way that you can become a human again is if the fish who done the spell reverses it" Sam answered "But first I need your help!" For what? I thought but Sam had already pulled me in.

In side was beautiful. The walls made out of sparkling coral, furniture made out of driftwood and even jewelry made of shells. Everywhere I looked I saw a totally different sea creature. It was just like land except under water. There were Bakery's, Banks, General Stores, Hotels and in the corner there was a small hospital. That is where Sam took me. As we went inside I could see lots of patients. Soon we went into a room and found a old, purple Shark lying on the bed. It looked unwell. "Hi Grandpa!" Sam said, "I have brought help" "So" said Sam's Grandpa "if you were once a human then you would know what I am talking about. We sharks cannot swim backwards and can't pronounce anything backwards. So to keep me alive I need one more ingredient. I am not sure whether it is Ohw, tahw, 0lleh or nehw. If you could only say WHAT backwards. I thought about it. There is some weird medicine names under the sea. "Tahw" I say. " Tahw. Oh that is the missing ingredient.

Thank-you very much Tahlia" I could hear someone whispering in my ear, but before I could say to Sam's Grandpa 'How did you know my name?' I was back at the stream with my fishing rod. Then I saw a fish it said What! What does it mean by What! I thought what?