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Mini Me's

I don't know what it could be, that noise in the distance. So I walked closer and closer to where the noise was coming from. Then suddenly the long, thin, corridor I was walking down branched out into a long living room sort of thing. And sitting in the living room is me. A hundred miniature me's. I can't believe it. They all look the same, They're all wearing the same clothes and they all sound just like me. I can't believe it.

Why would there be a hundred little me's in a seashell? Why? Then I realized something. They were gathering around me. Why? Then suddenly I realized I was shrinking to their size. Whatever magic these little people had, they were using it to make me one of them. I just couldn't let it happen, I just couldn't. What would Mum and Dad say if I didn't come home for tea? Would they think I'd ran away to join the circus? They would be absolutely heartbroken and I just couldn't let that happen.

I sprinted down the passage, through the water on the floor to where I'd started. I stopped below the opening I'd dropped in through. I tried to reach it but I just couldn't. I was too tiny. I could hear the mini-me's gaining. I didn't have much time left. What could I do?

Then I had an idea. I stood there and waited for the little people to come and get me. Soon they arrived. They grabbed me by the hands and tied them together. They took me back to the living room, where they tied me feet together and placed me on the ground. Then five of the little people sat on me. They defiantly didn't want me to escape. I was there for hours and soon my back started to ache. I just wanted to go home.

Then, without warning, they untied me. Were they giving me parol or something? Or were they setting me free? Nope. I was wrong. They stood me up and began the shrinking process again. Soon I was just a bit bigger then them. But that's the way I stayed. Weird. Then a me, that was remarkably small and had different set of neatly pressed clothes, came up with a box and handed it to me. I opened it, and in it was a lovely, jewel incrusted crown, a cloak and a beautiful staff. Then the messenger me whispered in my ear " You, oh humble one, have been chosen to lead this settlement as Queen."

With that every little me in the in the room bowed low. Except for one old and frail looking person. When everybody stood up, and the messenger me turned around and saw the old, frail person still standing, he went absolutely bonkers. " How dare you not bow to our new Queen," he screamed. "She may be our new Queen, but I was the original leader. I deserve to be paid respects too." "Yes, but not at the welcoming ceremony, your humbleness."

With that the old 'past Queen' left. After the ceremony, I asked the messenger me what was going on with the old Queen me. "She was demoted a few days ago, and she hasn't been happy ever since. " "Why was she demoted?" I asked, wonderingly. "She is just way to old. She was having trouble running the shelldom, so we told her her time was up." "That wasn't very nice now was it?"

I was starting to feel very emotional towards the old women. What a reason to be put out of office. Because you were too old. That was absolute rubbish. " We know but we couldn't do anything else. Look, all I want to say to you is that to earn her respects you're going to have to work over-time." With that she walked off. I didn't understand. Why would she want to hold a grudge on me? She mustn't have finished what she wanted to in office.

Holding that thought, I went to the royal address books. Tell you what, it was hard to find out where she lived because everyone's names and address were the same. But soon I found her wondering around the shell. We went to the royal conference room. We sat down and had a talk and I soon found out what was annoying her. She didn't have a daughter to take over the throne. Then I thought of something. " Well maybe I am you're daughter?" I said triumphantly. " No." she said, " You can't be." " Yes, I can. No one else was here to take you're position as Queen. But, then, suddenly I turn up here and take the throne. Surely these little people wouldn't bring me here without a reason, would they?" " Just because you turn up when I get kicked out of my position means absolutely nothing. You know that, don't you? I don't appreciate you being here at all."

With that, she left the room in a huff. I couldn't believe it. The only reason that she didn't like me was because I took her position as Queen. Something just wasn't right. I walked out the room and looked around to see if she was still around. I saw her still walking down the street. I was about to go back inside when something ran up and knocked her down. I was shocked. How could someone be that mean to such an old lady, I just didn't know? Even if she was a mean old person, she didn't deserve to be treated like that. I ran over and found her unconscious. I very carefully lifted her up and took her inside. I looked at her. She looked so kind, just like a leader should look. Then a thought struck me. I wanted so badly to go home and she wanted so badly to live her live out as a leader. It could really work. But what would the rest of the shelldom say if I did that. Would they despise me for the rest of my life or would they leave me stuck in this shell for life? At the moment it was a bit too risky. I think I should wait until I am a bit more of a respected leader. But it didn't take long for that to happen though.

Before the end of the day, people were coming to me for advice. That night, there was a huge banquet held in my honor. Everybody was there, including the old Queen me. We feasted for a very long time, but then people, including the old Queen me, got up to leave. "Wait,' I said, standing up. "I have an announcement to make." With that everybody turned and watched me. "I am very, very grateful of you for dubbing me Queen. But I just don't think that I am old enough for this honour." Shock filled the hall. "I also believe that it was wrong of you to stop this lovely old lady here of fufilling her life long dream. So I hereby declare that you're old queen will go back to being leader, as I am just not ready for the responsibility of leading this shelldom."

With this a huge cheer filled the hall and I could tell that the shelldom was happy. The old Queen came up and stood next to me. "Thanks," she whispered. Then, suddenly, she bellowed "Quiet." Everybody looked up in amazement. "I think such a kind act should be rewarded with a kind act back," she said. "What would you like most of all child," she said kindly.

"What I really, really, really, REALLY, want," I said, "is to go back home to the beach I started on, back to the size I originally was and to live a normal life back in my world." I said. "We can do that," said the old but new Queen. "Great," I said, " and I will keep you're shell next to my bed and if you ever need anything, just shrink me back in. O.K?" "Sure. And if you ever need anything, Just talk into the shell and we will help you," said the Queen. And with that I was sent back onto the beach. It was dark. Mum and Dad would be worried sick. I grabbed the shell and I ran back home. Mum and Dad were so pleased to see me.

I put the shell next to my bed just like I said I would. I wonder when the next time will be when I will see the Mini-Me's again.