Bears in the Wood by Edwina Peterson Cross

The Golden Seed Grove Of Lemuria

Vi Jones visits a special dreamscape

I remember so well the day I visited a dreamscape ... only I was not dreaming, but it was like a dream, nightmarish in some respects, but magical, too, because I emerged a different person. When I walked into the rainforest on the Northwestern Coast of Washington State, I knew I would never be the same again. I remember clearly wandering alone, lost in the shadows of an Eternal Forest of Rain. Tendrils of moss reached out to entangle, drawing me into their moist, green caverns from which, I was afraid I would never emerge ... and yet, I was tempted, so tempted, to enter their embrace.

All around me, giants were growing from the decay of their nurturing mothers, fallen trunks of the old forest giving life to the new. Can reincarnation be so different ... previous lives, future lives, all within their timeframe?

All was still, and so silent. Unlike the rainforests of the tropics, there were no brilliantly colored birds to fill the silence with their calls. It was as if there was no life amid so much life.

Moss draped branches restricted my view. Thriving abundance was punctuated only by shadows, beyond which, green was supreme. There was only the constant drip-drip-drip, like an ages old clock ticking my life away. I looked up, searching for the sky, but all I could see was a thick canopy of green. I was surrounded above and beneath with lush vegetation which threatened.... And yet there were rivulets with long mosses flowing in wavy splendor, the hair of the Goddess perhaps, and sure sign that She was present.

Dark pools, still and mysterious ... eyes into the soul of the forest beckoned and drew me. I could have easily lost myself in the abundance that surrounded me. Should I have gone with the Spirit of the forest? I was tempted, but not knowing if I would ever return—

Finally, down on my knees I begged the forest to release me, return me to the sunshine and sky. The Goddess ... it had to have been She who turned me three times around and showed me the path to the light.

I will never forget my journey deep into the rainforest. Did it really happen just as I have described, or was it a flight of overactive imagination? If I was awake, why was I dreaming? If it was a dream, why then did I emerge with moss draped like a cloak over my shoulders?


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