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Latrobe Archive
Student Writing 2003


Unit Three Media Texts Outcome 1

Nature of the Task

Two seperate pieces of written work. Total word count is 1000 - 1200
Assessment Task
1. Analyse the way in which language is used in at least three media texts on the same current issue.
2. Present your written considered and informed point of view.

Rave Party Scene and GBH

Class are put into groups and given the brief to read a body of material about the Melbourne Rave Party Scene and the disturbing use of GBH.

Task 1
Create a fact sheet that provides accurate information and raises teenage awareness of the issues surrounding GBH use at Rave Parties.

Task 2

Choose five groups of people that are directly affected by the drug scene and rage parties. For example, you might choose an ambulance worker, a friend of a raver who has overdosed or a concerned parent. Using Voice Dialogue techniques write the converstation that would take place between two of these parties.

Task 3 (Assessment Task)

Outcome 1 Task 1 Part B
Expressing a considered and informed point of view.

You are a youth reporter working for a youth magazine. Present an article that expresses a view about whether Rave parties should face stricter controls. Include facts from your fact sheet and some of the dialogue from Task 2 in this report.

Task 4

In a small group work through the following tasks.

1. Write an introduction to this issue that explains why this issue has become a matter of public debate.
2. Choose one article and identify the writer's main contention. Identify three arguments that the writer puts forward to support their view.
3. Identify four persuasive techniques (as studied in class) that the writer has employed to convince us to share their point of view. Briefly explain how effective these are. Has the writer deferred to experts? Have they used emotive language? Is there information that they have ommitted?
4. Write three paragraphs that use the information that you have gathered and which explain how the language is working.
5. Now look at two other articles and consider how these writer's have tackled the issue. Make comparisons between the approaches that have been used.

Outcome 1 Task 1 Part A
Analysing Language

Analyse the way in which language is used in at least three media texts on the same current issue.


You are a reporter for a radio station. Present a report on GBH and the drug scene which will help raise awareness of the associated dangers.