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inspired by asking a leaf about the meaning of life

As she sat serenely beneath the tree, a leaf began slowly fluttering towards her, twisting and turning in the gentle breeze. as it landed at her feet, she picked it up and carefully studied it. It was an oak leaf, each arm curling slightly at the edges. Burgandy in colour- old enough to change with the coming seasons. fallen from the tree, it does not have much life left. it has been discarded, left to fend for itself as it can no longer provide any use. She stares slowly at the leaf and as she does so, a feeling of peace and tranquility washes over her. Although nothing has changed in her physical surroundings, something deep within is different.

"What is the meaning of life?" she asks, even though she knows a reply is not possible. In her mind, she knows the answer: to feel useful and to be loved. Each life forms part of a whole, one. Alone each leaf is nothing, twisting and tossing and bending to the wind's desire. However, when it is part of the tree, part of the whole, it is protected. This protection does not last forever, as nothing in nature ever stays the same. Seasons change and everything dies someday. But this does not have to mean the end. If you are loved, you can live forever.

Stepping Out

It was the highlight of her week: putting on her best dress and her favourite pair of black leather patent shoes and stepping out. It was the shoes that made her feel that way- the click clacking sound they made as she danced her way down the sidewalk. She loved the way they shined in the sunlight, the light jumping from one toe to the other and the way she just had to stop every so often and admire them in the reflection of a store window.

Every week she went to a different place, a different adventure. She didn't mind being alone, since her children had left home she spent most days by herself. She rarely left the house, except for her weekly outings of course. She missed her children so very much, and looked forward to their infrequent visits. She tried not to dwell on this however, as it only tended to make her feel depressed. Instead, she decided to concentrate on enjoying her day out. Today she had decided to visit the ducks in the park, and as she skipped her way towards the tall, lush trees she silently sang to herself and danced to her own tune, laughing as the folds of her pretty pink skirt twirled and danced around her.

To Be Continued...