Karli at Soul Food


Abandoned by the World

Left in her own presence, she's her only friend,
Her only company. She is her only comfort.

Left beneath the scattering, obsidian, ash smudged sky--
To rot.

Love is a crime--isn't it?
Because of it--because she loved ME she was
discarded like something broken.
So I'd held her--
Kissed her--
I wrote her name in my diary in blood.

Bound her--
Broke her--

But she can never be replaced.
Not like a doll.

Misery is what I feel.
It's all I feel.

Because of love--
I've lost faith

But I still love her to death.
I promised.


*Another lullaby...
It comes and goes leaving traces of
another night. Another moon.
It comforts you--and then peels
you down until you're raw.
Another photograph.
Old, black and white pieces of memory.
It means almost nothing to you.
You wish it did--but then not.
A touch--another touch, another kiss, another shred of
You can't feel it--through glass.
The lullaby becomes a scream--
and you are just another untouchable.*

Washing Clothes in the Sky

The hem of my dress becomes tipped with water as I wade. I feel my feet touch the smooth rocks at the bottom of the crystal clearness as I watch the ripples my movements make. The sky is so much closer to me, it seems...as if to silently say, "I've been waiting."

The water gently rolls in feather-soft waves against my waist. The coolness is such that I feel as if I'm breathing it in--like light from a full moon. My dress sticks to my legs as I move still further. Silver and blue fish swim serenely by.

I whisper to the water, and I can feel its stories filling me with enchantment. I close my eyes and take in every word...and then fall back into the water that reflects the sky.

Back on the shore, I left my pen and notebook. Every page perfectly flat, white--as it had never been. A small pile of clothes lies nearby. A piece of paper visible to passersby is placed amidst my possessions, neatly. 'Washing Clothes.'

Where Are You Going?

Iím sinking into endless thoughts,
Never ending questions tearing me up,
Endless emotions shatter my body.
Iím wounded.
Iím sinking into endless empty space,
Never ending loneliness scratches at my reflection,
Endless fractured rainbows across the darkened sky...
Iím wounded and going nowhere fast.
I etch your name into the silver glass...
Your never ending footprints haunt me,
Endless nightís sky, under the sinking sun.
*~Where are you going?*~