The Work of Karli Hobson

Poetry Collection

Introducing Karli Hobson

I dreamt last night that I spoke to a little girl. This little girl must have been no more than eleven or twelve years of age. She was sitting, huddled in a chair, in a crowded classroom. Her long brown hair fell down over her shoulders. Her eyes were cast down to the floor. Out of all of the people in that crowded room, of all the children running about, chattering, and laughing, I walked over to her and stood looking down on her. She noticed me and nervously looked up. The conversation that followed cannot be remembered in full… However, I do recall what it was about, and the advice that I gave her.

After exchanging short greetings and such, I believe something was mentioned about her peers, friends, etc. Something in her eyes when this came about told me she was different. "You're different, aren't you?" I asked her with a soft smile. She nodded a reply. I continued. "Well, I will tell you something. Listen to me: I know you are smart and bright. I can see it in you. Now, you know all those people around you? They all look at you funny, huh?" She nodded again. "They don't like me very much…" she said. She looked sadly around her, and then turned back to me. "Don't worry about what they say. The world is going to try to cut you down because you're different and special. You can't let them, EVER. Don't let them change you. If you want to be a writer, a painter, a singer, doctor, or anything it doesn't matter. You have to be yourself. You are beautiful in your own way, too. Don't let them tell you different, okay?" Her face lit up and she smiled. "Okay," she said.

I will never forget that dream, that little girl, and the advice I gave her: the same advice that has been repeated to me over and over. For all I know, that little girl could have been me…with her long brown hair, her expressive, twinkling eyes, sitting in her own little chair… I'll never know for sure, for it was only a dream.

I am a young writer with an old soul. I have been told that at the age of fourteen years old I have the mind of someone almost twice my age. My birthday falls in the second week of January, making me a Capricorn (which I believe has a bearing on my personality and character. For example, in a book I read once it was stated that Capricorns are formal, even in the smallest of ways. I happen to have a formal way of speaking and writing.).

I have been writing poetry and short stories since the third or fourth grade. At first, writing was just another way to express how I felt, mostly an outlet for frustration and anger. It did not become an art until I reached fifth grade. A select few of my teachers realized my talent and praised me for it. One of my favorite teachers, an English teacher (affectionately known as Ry) once described me in an interesting way. ("Her brain is like a ping-pong ball! Ping! Ping! Ping-ping!") Ry not only made me and the rest of her students laugh, she inspired me to be creative and unique. Mr. LaGalo also saw reason to encourage me. I thank those two teachers for furthering me in my quest in life.I have gained knowledge and some great stories from them!

I am have been accepted into a local Arts and Sciences Academy this coming fall. I was originally planning to take a writing program there, but that may be delayed. I am now expecting to take theatre and then switch into the Language Arts program the next year. This is something I am looking forward to.

I am still advancing further in life. Sometimes more rapidly and sometimes more slowly. But I am still always learning. One day, I hope to have an important place in the world. And already, among family and friends, it is said that I 'rule' part of the world, and that I am the Princess. But that part of the world is still only in my mind. I'll be sure to keep my royal (and loyal) subjects informed on how that is all going. Love and Light.