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Afternoon Squall
It Has Been Awhile

Afternoon Squall by
Mike Hemmer

A magnificent light show. From my veranda. Lighting. Thunder. It was like being in itŠ Up high on the hill. Surrounded by water. On the horizon. Dense, gray clouds. Sweeping over the ocean. A flash of lighting. A clap of thunder. Itıs moving closer. Traveling fast. More lighting. Thunder coming quicker. Itıs closer. Moving fast.

The wind is picking up. The air cooling. The storm front. To the south. Covering one hundred and eight degrees of view. I look to the north. See clear skies. Calm seas. Wind blows harder. White caps appear. In the North. The sky darkens. All around. It becomes noticeably dimmer. The wind stronger. Air, cooler.

Itıs all happening very quickly. Wish I had a barometer. The needle would be falling. Telling me. What I see. Another flash of lighting. A simultaneous clap of thunder. The house shakes. My daughter jumps. A dog howls. Back to the south side. Face the teeth of the storm. The wind is singing. The rain.

I hear the rain. Itıs not yet here. But I hear it. Loud and clear. As an invisible army. The sound. Thousands of feet. Pounding the ground. Marching forward. Relentless. Unstoppable. Heading right this way. I face the wind. Feel the first few drops. Pushed ahead by the wind. Messengers. Sent ahead. Perhaps a warning?

Itıs too late. A solid sheet of water. Hitting the house as a single blow. The corrugated iron roof. A drum. Iım drenched almost instantly. Cold, cold rain. Driven with the force of the wind. Stinging as it hits. I turn. My bare back. Being pelted. Hammered. Massaged by the cold rain. It feels good.

I hunch forward. My skin. A mass of goose bumps. I begin to shiver. Bend my head forward. Move my neck. Catch the rain there. Move a bit. Direct the hammering. The massage. I turn and face the storm. Stare into nothingness. A sheer wall of water. A multitude of near horizontal lines. The rain.

Iım shivering now. Pull my body close. Hand above my eyes. Indian fashion. Peer into the gloom. Squinting. I see it clearing. A touch of blue. Hidden. The gray curtain of water. Concealing. But not for long. It was just a squall. An intense one. Lots of energy. But short lived.