Coming Home
Rose Cubela
Peeling Onions
My Mistress is A Muse
Evocative Trees
Dead Poems Reborn

Melbourne writer Elizabeth Hayes’ foray into writing began in childhood when the artistry of letter writing captured her imagination. Penning letters has become a life-long writing practice underpinning the other forms of writing she enjoys exploring: short stories, articles and poetry.

Especially inspired by short stories, she finds their pared down form and richness of meaning challenging to her as both a writer and reader. Engaging stories such as ‘Bliss’ (Katherine Mansfield ) and “The Black Monk” (Anton Chekov) inspire her exploration of subtle psychological landscapes in writing. Believing a memorable story is open ended, she hopes her stories act as a portal, enlarging a single moment or incident into a world within itself.

At present too impatient to read novels, she reads non-fiction and is attracted to unusual, thought provoking ideas in both writing and other art forms. An avid viewer of cinema, her favorite movies include “The Colour of Paradise”, “The Mighty” and “Run Lola Run”. Possessing a keen eye for a bargain, she is known for spotting treasures in unlikely places.

She hopes to settle in the country one day with her husband Tom and feisty Chinchilla cat Polly. In a place not far from the ocean with access to a well stocked secondhand bookshop and an endless supply of freshly popped popcorn.