Eddie Vaughn posed a long-standing wager to the world: if anybody could land the first punch in a fight with him, he'd never fight again. Apparently, no one ever did.

Hatred Smoldering In The Hills

When two notoriously forceful personalities exist in the same small town, it's inevitable that one day they will clash. But no one expected the collision to lead to murder. 

Sometimes some stories appear in the press that have the hallmarks of a novel. For those of you who want to experiment with a bit of crime writing, who want to follow in the footsteps of the great crime writer's just go to 'A Hatred Smoldering In the Hills' which appeared in the New York Times. Now you may want to change the names of the characters and the town but the idea is there. You could pick the story up at any time or divert away from it completely. The main thing is that you have a place to start.

Design a cover for your story. Write the outline and put it on the dust jacket.

Begin writing.

Write a story using some of the material you gather.



© 2002 Heather L. Blakey 
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