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Dragon Colouring Competition

Students at Epping Primary have been participating in the Dragon Colouring Story Competition.

Winning Dragon Colouring Competition entries can be viewed in the Anthology being created here at Soul Food.

Collection of Student Writing

Epping Anthology
Soul Food Cafe


The Door

I walk up a few steps and look back. The steps have a dull grey colouring to them. I see a great big arched door. I try to think of something cheerful and happy but the thought of the door drowned the happiness out.

I take a few steps closer to the door and stare. The door is old and brown with a mouldy green edge. The large brass knocker, placed in the middle of the door, suited the door perfectly.

I can't reach the knocker but I want to explore inside. I start to imagine and wonder what is on the other side. Does it lead to something? Will it lead somewhere? I look back at the door and the knocker seems closer than before. I reach up and grab on to it.

It bangs loudly and echoes. The door opens and reveals nothing but a white mist. I walk through it and see a house. The house looks the same as the other one but it couldn't be the same. It couldn't be the that same old looking house that I just left. I walk through a gate that looks just the same and walk up the stairs of the same grey colouring.

I see a door that is similiar but is different in its own way. It has the same shape and colouring and the same brass knocker is placed in the middle. Yet somehow it seems different. A shiver crawls upon my skin and off my neck.

The house seems to be deserted and so I start to walk down the grey steps. As I reach the gate a high pitched shriek fills my ears. It sounds like my Mum. Is it my mother? Should I go help her? What if it gets me too?

I start to worry and run in circles. I stop huffing and puffing. I slowly walk back up the steps and look at the door. A red liquid starts to ooze out through the crack between the door and the floor. Is it blood? Is it really blood? Should I go in? Will I go in?

I start to get confused. I feel dizzy in the head. I wake up. Was it real? What had happened to me? I stand and look around. I am standing in front of the door. The blood seems to be gone but I still feel a bit dizzy. I hear my Mum's voice again but instead of her shrieking she is calling me.

I run towards her, arms wide open. She lifts me up and swings me around. Our dog barks with joy. I step into the car and have a last look at the house. As we drive off I wonder if I will ever see that house again.

Andrew Villani 5/6H

Old Farm House

I'm in the middle of no where. My petrol ran out and my phone is out of credit. I suddenly see a house in the distance. I walk towards it. As I get closer the house seems older. I step on the veranda. As I go to knock on the door it opens. I pop my head in and I see an old hallway.

I decide I should just leave as I am breaking into someone's property. But then I think maybe I should go in. I think and think and think and then I take three steps inside. I hear a screeching sound and I get scared. I feel a shiver in my spine and I turn my head to look at what is there.


There is an old lady just in front of my eyes. I start sweating. I move away and the lady falls on the floor. I bend down to wake her up but oh no! She is DEAD. I cannot believe it. She was just standing in front of me and now she is dead. This place is too creepy for me.

As I turn to go out the door slams SHUT right in front of my face. I am trapped. All the windows are shut.

"What am I supposed to do now? Just my luck! I am trapped in a haunted house and there is no way to get out. My petrol has run out and there is an old lady on the floor."

"What is that sound? It sounds like my car starting up."

Someone is taking off with it. "WAIT for me!"

Someone is coming! I had better hide.

BANG! The door falls on the floor. I scream.

Luckily the man doesn't ear as he walks in the living room. I run outside. The door slams shut behind me. Just as I am about to leave a voice screams.

"Wake up!"

"What" I yell!

There in front of me is my teacher.

"This was all a dream" I yell!

Suddenly instead of my car there is a tractor the same as the one I saw in my dream

Harpreet Kaurput 5/6M