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Lemurian Moon Ceremony

As this time arrived I felt as if there was a releasing in my heart as if a long job was nearly over and a time of rest and celebration was in the making. As if a fast were nearing completion. There was going to be something exciting about this coming eclipse of the full flower moon, I just knew it. Myself I felt as if I was a blossom opening up to the full moon, and the mystery of its springtime murk.

I was spellbound in my Lemuria during the evening, before the full moon, the magical has happened and the hoot owl has moved to the apple tree and when I sit in the dusk and watch the moon come up, this little owl flies out from his nest and hoots. And the moon! the moon seemed so very huge. I thought it was the harvest moon that was the closest to the earth and always looked so big, was it just my imagination that this rising moon was incredibly big!?\

In my heart swelled this huge feeling that this was going to be a wonderful time for transformation and I wanted it to begin with me!

I printed off everyone's concerns and hope's and inspirations and clipped them out of the typing paper. Then I took all of these, and those of my friends, ((Heather and Darryl ))family and self. I carried these concerns with me, in a pocket on my carpenter's apron . And in the hour that the 444 became the 555, I worried as I let loose of some of those I love. Let them go on their journey and I set to do what I knew that I needed to do. And that was to light the candles to my Lemuria. And I carried a bowl of water to set beneath the sky there, where it could blend with the mood of the moon.

I was sorry that I scared the owl away when I entered the door.


But I was left knowing that his presence had preceded and blessed us. As I positioned the bowl upon a high rock, I thought over the day, it had seemed surreal as if two realities were running at the same time and could at any moment unite. Myself, I felt supper sensitive, alert , even through my usually sleepy afternoon .I didn't want to sleep because life itself had become like the dream, no moment too completely attached to the one beside it

People that I had come into contact with during the day were feeling strange, even though they had no superstitions about phases of the moon, weird things were happening to them. As we drove home earlier, the girls were talking about the strangeness of the day, I told them that I liked it, it's not spooky really I told them, it is just magical. We then crested to the top of a hille and one of them pointed at a big formation of clouds. And huge, taking up the whole span of the sky, we all saw a giant swan, clear and magnificent , white against a blue sea.

In the garden The dove came in to settle clumsily in the pine, with much swishing and positioning of her petticoats. I added our notes to the water. Each note I pondered over thinking of those whom I prayed for.

My husband and mine prayer was for , " To know how to just bee" and I pictured us as two little honey bees doing our job, happy and productive.

I pictured Heather and Darryl , healthy, happy and in love.

Heather and Darryl Blakey March 2003

The eclipse was about to begin. Soon, the full flower moon would be coming up over the trees in Farmer Shaw's woods . Soon, soon, I told myself, I knew where I had heard those words before, twas in a dream, a promise, a forecast in the night. Often I have grown despaired. Just how far away is soon ,in the spirit world, anyway. Sometimes I have wanted to holler up to the heavens, hey! hey! I don't have forever down here you know! Here I am wanting to world to change and thinking that perhaps it will in my lifetime but perhaps I am delusional, lost in my own fantasies. Any practical person would tell you that it could take thousands of years or more! But then I wonder, what is this? What is this that is happening now. What is this current that I am riding upon. I have a feeling that it is taking me someplace grand.

Hubby and Little One have arrived and are ready. Older one is comfy on the couch as she prefers to settle by the phone instead of looking through a cloudy sky to a moon that cannot be seen. On the porch I hand Little One the lantern so that she can lead our way over the dark path to the flickering candle which lights the garden door. I relish the moist dewy mist that is in the air, and I feel it's cool fingers sooth my cheeks as we walk towards the garden , our eyes to the sky. There is a faint light there and enough moon shining through to cast a dim glow on our surroundings. We enter in the garden , the way is lit by the candles swinging in glass lanterns from the pine tree.

We bow beneath the natural arch of the elderberry and we become engulfed in the scent of white blooming valerian and little Kim Lilacs. Their blossoms are glowing. We find our seats beside the Moon Rise and Maui Moon Iris, ( these , we ordered last year, this is their first bloom in our garden, A gift from the universe! How fitting can their names be!? One is Moon Rise, a gold yellow, Maui Moon is a spunky white and yellow, And they are in bloom for the first time, on this night. ) Awe. Is not God grand.

Hubby loves to swing this bell that I have, in the garden that is a huge ole thing that you can swing on a rope and it makes the most harmonic sound like a bell in a distant tower. He picked it up and waved it back and forth all evening. It is like having a stream flowing in the background and I am sure that it was beneficial to be the ringer of the bell.

Where the moon was you could tell, sometimes the clouds would become white there, or lined with light. We made ourselves comfortable. Little one had made up lists of things that she wanted to add to the bowl of water with our notes in it, so she went to the rock and one by one as she read them off, she included them to the water.

I read the invocation contributed by Joy Walker
The Great Invocation (Adapted Version)
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all the human wills-
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light, and Love, and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

There was a long hush between us after I read it, even Little One was silent. Then she had some things that she wanted to share. She had looked up verses in the bible on the moon. It was interesting what she came up with. The tree frogs began their lullaby from the pines.

We could not see the eclipse yet but we knew that it was happening, and we could time and know that it was about a third of the way covered when we released the hopes for the future. Then we buried the concerns , our fears, our doubts, they had been washed in the bowl of water, and now opened them a grave beneath the foxgloves, pouring them in and then smoothing the good dirt over them, threw them away , with the darkening of the moon. Much as Vi did when she added Heather and Daryll to the returning tide. The mocking bird was singing from the maple tree. The moon looked away, she turned her face. A time to hurriedly cast away all our old garbage and regrets. Throw them out, with the dark of the moon. We dumped the whole bowl of prayers into the ground,

Ashes to ashes , dust to dust,
A brand new day is now upon us.
Lets cast old worries and frets away.
No longer will we agree,
To be keep that way.
Ashes to ashes , dust to dust,
A brand new face will turn upon us.
The moon turns away, so out goes the old,
The moon turns in, magic is wove.

A couple of crickets chirped from the strawberry patch, it was good to hear their happy tune, it was the first that I had heard crickets since last fall. Little One was getting real tired and having all sorts of troubles. She could not get settled and her chair even fell in at one time. I was wishing that the clouds would let up and make it more interesting for her. Then we saw that there was a clearing coming up. One could see the stars from a space that was opening towards the west from where the clouds were drifting. There was lightning all around us. We could not hear any thunder, so hubby said that it must be far away. But have you seen ,I asked him ? That it comes from all around. And he looked and it did, like we were surrounded. I chose to believe that we were surrounded by good spirits, celebrating with us. Because that was how I felt, like it was big celebration!

And so, the opening arrived and there it was , the moon eerily getting covered by what appeared to me to look like a splattering of blood, dark red and in splotches. It was not like a solid covering but some area's were darker then others. The lower right side of the moon had this upon it. Hubby and I talked about how it seemed that the splattering would leap at times and gain ground, then you would just be watching it and watching it and suddenly it would lurch again.

I stood looking into the sky, listening to the mockingbird, the cricket, and the tree frogs. I was standing my feet firmly planted upon the ground in the garden path, when suddenly the splattering lurched to cover nearly one half of the moon, and at the same moment I felt a big tug inside of me, from my solar plexus down through the soles of my feet into the ground. I gasped and hubby paused for one second his rocking of the bells. And at the same moment, the world around us became silent as the mockingbird, the cricket, the tree frogs, and even the dog barking down the road all stopped in stillness…

I have been thinking about this because something else happened at the same moment. After all these years I have become quite used to having my moon monthly and it coincides with the waning of the moon, (after the moon has become full and then looks away. Which is a time of letting go, and is the most natural time for it really, ) But folks, on this night, I began at the exact moment that the full moon became halfway covered over with the eclipse, at the very same moment that nature felt the pull and became suddenly silent. So could it be that during a complete moon eclipse is that nature is fooled into believing that what normally takes an entire month to accomplish, from the waning to the waxing, takes place during an eclipse in two hours. And the waning takes place in the second when the moon is almost halfway covered.

I am positive that it was a great time to throw out the old and ring in the new. I think that the things that we aspired to will manifest fast now. Why already , even though, I changed my wish to something else , the first wish that I wished started to wish come true the day of the full moon. The one that we wished Spirit Feather and Marie, for comradeship. I have gotten two calls from people with whom connections were make months ago which are just now fruiting. I think that we pushed our intentions off down the sliding board this time and before we know it they are going to land ker-plonk, right down on the ground at our feet.

We sat listening to the silence for a time. And then little one was in danger of falling asleep, so I ran her to the house and tucked her in and put her to bed, and we said the usual, " Don't let the bed bugs bite, and if thy do, you know what to do, hit em with a shoe! Good night. Sweetest of dreams, Kisses Kisses , good by.

And I ran back outside again ,there was 10 minutes left of the moon becoming more and more engulfed with the scattering, and I sat in silence with hubby slowing playing the bell and the moon looking strange and red in the night.

I wondered as I sat there, what it would have felt like to have no scientific knowledge of such things as eclipses and what would I have thought if I had watched this without any. And what I felt was like the moon was hiding something. Like as if the curtains were being drawn upon the moon so that the stage could be prepared for the next act.

We watched as the splattering almost covered the moon and it remained eerily quiet around us, then as the splattering began to retreat, and almost reached the halfway point, the mocking bird was the first to resume his song, followed by the tree frogs , the cricket and the dog. Our world was returning to normalcy, our projections had been cast, the moon was returning. The damp was getting to our bones and we blew out the candles in the garden and followed the bark path back indoors to sleep.

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