Pure land from the dawn of time.
Not mentioned in our history books,
But etched deep within our minds.
Glimpsed sometimes in misty mornings, dreams and flower faces,
Hidden in God's most quiet places.
Perhaps Lemuria will rise again.


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The World of Trendle Ellwood
Farmer Shaw
Boiling Sap
Lemurian Garden

Lemurian Moon Ceremony

Secret Lemurian Garden
Tren's Chunky Salsa
Summer Harvest


Painting the Door

Name it scrying, declare it devising.
Maybe it's dreaming, perhaps it is scheming.
Lets wave the wand that we hold in our hearts
And walk through the doors ,to the light from the dark.
Let's lift up our brushes and paint in the air.
A land that is lovely, a place that is fair.
What we conceive, and what we imagine,
Has the power to change whatever we phantom.
It is not crazy, it is not abstract,
It is quite actually, where it is at.
Apparitions of spender, hallucinations of wonder.
Will cast all fear and doubt,

A Lemurian Garden

Greetings! So glad to be here! I have to share. I have been fascinated with the name Lemuria ever since I heard it. But I never got around to looking up much about it and did not know much about it except that it was ancient and something along the lines of Atlantis, which I don't know much about either.

I have been focusing this spring on what I have been calling my secret garden. My secret garden is an area that I have been working up with organic matter for a few years now, trying to turn the clay soil there into something workable. Well this year the transformation is progressing. I have been excitedly filling the now workable soil up with my favorite flowers, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Vervian, Fairy Wands ,Lilacs, Peonies, Larkspur, to name a few.

The paths are now covered with wood chips and pine mulch and have been lined with rocks . My favorite rock shop garden went out of business, which was sad, but good in that I bought bucket fulls of the amethyst and quarts crystals that were marked down, half off. I then placed strategically within this garden.

Then up in the rafters of our very old barn we found some old barn wood, which I decided to use to build a fence around this garden so that it would be a private, quiet , secluded spot where I could meditate and commune with nature.

We then found some wooden fence gates reduced to five dollars a piece because they were discontinued at our local lumber store. And today I was painting the door that will be the entrance to my garden, painting this blue, indigo, purple color which I have been falling in love with. And as I painted this blue on, I got the notion that I wanted to paint the name Lemuria upon this door. But before I did, I decided to look it up on the internet and find out what this Lemuria was all about. The spirit web had some channeled information for me.

Imagine my surprise when I found out what a pure wonderful place this Lemuria was. And that there was a sacred garden there! It was indeed a wonderful name for a garden, and as I painted this name on gate, here is the little poem that evolved and will be on the gate also.


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