Laurel Crown Awards

The Soul Food Cafe proudly presents Laurel Crown awards to Pythian Games participants who have gained inspiration working in-house

Jenny Aarts

Edwina Peterson Cross

Lois Daley

Elizabeth Hayes

Vi Jones

Pauline Susan Nolan

Francis Arnett Sbrocchi

Teresa Seed



Lois Daley

I doubted that I would ever come back.

I doubted if I should ever come back
To the woman I was in the fast lane track
The worker, the mother, the friend, the wife
For now I am the one who matters in life
I see before me a new beginning
of a life rich in trust and loving,
of friends strong and precious
Never to be lost no matter the pressures
To live each day with the words deleted
"I should do this"
I'll say to myself
"I'll do what it is that gives me a kiss"
A kiss for myself for being myself
With the hopeof sharing it with another soul
Who will take it along and nurture that woman who has become whole
Oh for the days ahead
I'll look and look for life as it is each day
For this time I feel so well

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