This collection provides a glimpse of the beauty, of the serene landscape of Lemuria.

Water Fantasy by Linda Plaisted

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The Lemurian Collection of D.K. Pritchett

All day long the door to the sub-conscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side and return again, as easily and secretly as a cat....
Walter De La Mare, Behold, this Dreamer! 1939

A Moment in Lemuria

I stopped beside a round pool of water... it was black and deep, a fishpond. I watched big, red carp swimming, like goldfish, their scales the size of a dime. It was cold there, but not unpleasant. The spot was shaded by wild willows, all soft-leaved and brilliant lime green. The ground was all covered with moss, deep and plush, like a carpet. I heretofore name it my mossy place, and here I will come when I need a bit of solitude. It will be my secret.

Moonlit Water Garden

ebony pool, rippling
dark and oily;
pale winter moon,
ice-white and cold.
marble statue,
of fragmented self
in pearl-colored
broken by
silver rings--
moonlit circles
on black water;
stone cold, its
moss-covered rim
liquid black depths,
darkly obscured, both
and deep.

D.K.Pritchett All rights reserved


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