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The Golden Seed Grove Of Lemuria

The Piper Calls (For Tami)
by Edwina Peterson Cross

Sing all in circles, sing all in rhyme
Sweet violet purples, transparent time
Sing of what has been, and what will be
Sing the Billow Maidens dancing in the Northern Sea

Sing all in pieces, sing all in part
Sing of sweet releases, and a hollow human heart
Sing of a sleep that never ends, sing of waking up
Sing we meet each other, Ďor the rim of Bragiís cup

Sing here of learning, sing here of pain
Sing here of yearning, and sweet cleansing rain
Sing of an understanding wider than the seas
Sing of a Goddess blooming music in the trees


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The Golden Seed Grove belongs to all those Lemurians who have planted here.