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First Steps Towards Eldorado

Aloha Beth Lynne Clewley

I am kama'aina!

Not born of the land, but bathed in it,
Newly birthed to be bred in it
I am the foam that rises atop blue rolling hills of liquid.
Meeting sand
Seas absorb
I spill with the salt, but not unlucky I fall
Layers beneath
I am one with the infinite grains, the earth.
This island rejoices, extends its arms and calls me "friend"
I am kama'aina!
I am a child of the mountains that surround me
The peaks that rise up to fill my eyes with new visions
I aspire
To greater heights, to purple mountain majesties.
They are my guardians.
On all sides,they cradle me, protect me, keep me,
Build a wall around me, and I see that I,
I am among the blessed.
I am kama'aina!
Not born of the land, but bathed in it,
Newly birthed to be bred in it.
I am the whisper of the winds that toss the trees.
Often whipping
To and fro,
I speak with gentleness, at times unbridled angst.
Keeping leaves in perpetual motion,
I stop only to kiss the cheeks of my beloved keiki.
I am the ying and the yang
Friend to the rain, that brings growth and renewal.
This land it weeps, gathering me to its bosom and calling "friend"
I am kama'aina!
I am a witness to the seductive and dangerous beauty of Pele
The power of Pahoehoe and A'a, the wrath of a woman scorned.
Sowing destruction
Hell hath neither fury, nor heaven enough glory
To lift my soul in breathtaking wonderment,
Bending my spirit in humbled reverence all the while.
As Pele is both ruination and reparation, knowledge of carnage,
Yet still blessed with creation.
I am also woman.
I am kama'aina!

Beth Lynne Clewley

Though disagreements crop up often over its meaning, usually between the locals and the frequent visitors the word "kama `aina" literally means "child of the land". Some locals say it means "native born" while some travelers say the word kama `aina refers to one who repeatedly travels to and visits Hawaii. I personally accept kama aina at it's literal translation as "child of the land" and also believe it represents a love, respect, and regard for the beauty and blessings of the islands of Hawaii and the culture and lifestyle here. I not only call Hawaii home on my Driver's Licence, or by location of my residence, but also in my heart. I love and cherish the land, the resources, and the richness of the islands, and I live my life to that standard. Caring for the aina by respecting the environment, the wildlife, and the people here with the spirit of Aloha.