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The Soul Food Silk Road is a network of interlinking team bloggers. Team blogging at Soul Food has become an art form and the creative transformation that has taken place on these pathways is nothing short of extraordinary.

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I know I've mentioned this site before but I just can't get over how jam-packed Soul Food Cafe is with creative goodies! There are pages and pages dedicated to writing prompts and concepts. If your muse ever needs a good kick in the pants, send her here. There is just not enough time in my day to get to everything this website has to offer so I keep going back. If you're like me and don't know where the hell to begin when you first visit, go to the Box of Wonderment to get a taste. If you like to write, draw, paint, create or read, you'll be hooked!
Its All About De

If you are interested in the deeply rewarding experience of creative community blogging, facilitated by a highly qualified and skilled teacher/moderator, the "entry point" at Google Group is highly recommended. Subscribe at Soul Food Cafe to begin your journey.

A group of Soul Food Silk Road Adventurers are currently staying in Riversleigh Manor. The Manor house has private quarters for each resident and it is the base for those who have signed up to explore the Golden Seed Grove and find the Faraway Tree of Enid Blyton fame.

A second group are currently being orienated and will be settling into the Lemurian Abbey shortly. If you want to join in just contact heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net dot au with an expression of interest.

Advent Calendar 2005
The Silk Road

The theme of the 2005 Advent Calendar was 'Journey of the Heart'.

A group of courageous travellers packed at a moments notice and headed off for a three month trek along the Soul Food Silk Road.

They discovered a road that twisted and wound endlessly. They met the Amazon Queen, a Hermit, a Mystic, Gypsy Travellers, Fortune Tellers, a Bath-house Madame, the Sacred Warrior Knight, the Mistress of the Wardrobe and many other interesting characters.

The 2005 Advent Calendar preserves the journey of these travellers and provides everyone else with the opportunity to pull out their visual journals and participate in many of the activities that travellers undertook.

Each day a bright light appeared on the calendar, opening a new link.By December 25 the heavens above the Silk Road were aglow.

This year the calendar provided visitors with the opportunity to join bloggers in order to complete activities and interact with the Silk Road travellers.

Heather Blakey
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About Some of the Soul Food Bloggers

Mnemosyne's Stream is for the life story writer.

The Alluvial Mine comprises of Soul Food miners who have staked claims within the mine and are seeking Eldorado. Many miners in this intriguing mine use a technique that has come to be known as Gleaning. This involves taking a line from the work of another (with appropriate recognition of the source) and running with that idea. Cherita Fitzgerald Blogger which encourages members to pick up the writing baton and run with it while Weird Tales From Deadwood Hall enables people to let their hair down, play and have fun sharing weird stuff.

Live Poets at Soul Food is the place to be if you have poetic inclinations while Fantasy Cove is a secret place for fantasy buffs to gather and exchange ideas. The Chamber of Horrors is for fans of the macabre.

Then there is the Lemurian Children's Book Writing Room where Patrons share ideas about writing for children. Last but not least, the Art Room will keep readers uptodate with what is happening in Soul Food Art Studios.

Make sure to take the time to check out two exciting Soul Food visual literacy projects which have successfully engaged students in both primary and secondary schools in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. A diverse group of individuals are currently presenting a broad range of responses to set tasks on the Big Bad Werewolf Project and Magic Beach projects. You could join them and learn about a very creative approach to literacy!

Last but not least, the Art Room will keep readers uptodate with what is happening in Soul Food Art Studios.

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