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Ever since she read about the lost museum in Alexandria, Heather Blakey has been on a quest to re-establish a fragment of the 'House of the Muse' in Melbourne, Australia.

The Alexandrian museum was, and remains, a beacon. No one is certain what the great institution looked like, but the Greek geographer, Strabo, describes it as part of a richly decorated complex of buildings and gardens. The whole complex was a centre of learning and research, organised into faculties, whose scholars were paid by the royal purse. The library's broader mission was to rescue Greek literature from decay.

Heather Blakey - Imagineer

Soul Food's Knight in Shining Armour is a special gift from
Edwina Peterson Cross.

The process of designing and building theme parks during Walt Disney's hey day became known as 'imagineering'. Disney imagineers blended whimsy, imagination and art with the discipline and groundedness of engineering. Imagineering is all about making a dream become a reality.

The Soul Food Cafe is a product of imagineering. A writing playground, The Soul Food Cafe is an expression of Heather Blakey's not so silent partner, her creative self.

The Soul Food Cafe was born from Heather Blakey's dream to provide real reasons to write; to make writing accessible to all who desire to write; to break the myth that the only real writer is the published author. The Soul Food Cafe promotes writing as a daily practice and demonstrates that good writing comes from having something worth writing about.

To broaden the influence of Soul Food, Heather Blakey has sought and gained the support of educational providers, health organization, associates, friends and fellow writers. She has developed a community. She is building a powerful network of friends, mentors and patrons and will continue to broaden the circle.

Heather Blakey will attract a cast of highly individual characters who, in turn, will strengthen Soul Food's foundations and ensure that her dream is realized.