Meet some of the cast of characters who live within
the temple that is
Heather Blakey.

le Enchanteur presides over the Soul Food Silk Road, oversees community bloggers and is the guide to travellers who come to Lemuria.

Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth fire, hence presiding over domestic life and The Soul Food Cafe.

Cruella DeVil by Pat Frey

Who's been in my hatbox?

Can you believe that I have come home to find that the wicked, rapscallion, Augustine has not only been playing in my hat box, but has been trying them on for size. Now I know how those three bears felt! I suspect they loved Goldilocks as much as I have come to love Augustine! She is such a blast of fresh air!
Heather Blakey

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Curriculum Vitae

Thirty seven years experience teaching with the Victorian Education Department and other organisations

Taylor's Coaching College
Council of Adult Education - E.S.L.
Royal Naval Dockyards, Melbourne - Literacy Program
Wangaratta Technical School
Lalor Technical School
Strathmore High School
University High School
Fitzroy Secondary College
LaTrobe Secondary College
Methodist Ladies College Community Education
Melbourne Citymission Bereavement Program
Primary School Writing Program -with eight schools
Writing for Well-being Program

Hats Worn By Heather Blakey

Positions of Responsibility Within Secondary College Settings

Professional Development Co-ordinator
5-8 Transition Program Co-ordinator
Affirmative Action Co-ordinator
Head of Key Learning Area - English and Study of Society
Leader of Staff
Curriculum Co-ordinator
Publicity Co-ordination
Community Network Co-ordinator
College Magazine Editor
Primary School Links - Writing Program

City of Fitzroy

Councillor of the City of Fitzroy 1984 - 1992
Mayor of the City of Fitzroy 1988 - 1989


Webmaster of the quirky writing cafe, The Soul Food Cafe 1999 - present
The aptly named Soul Food Cafe is my colourful haven in a relentless life of monotone daily grind. Heather Blakey and her Musers have given me the courage to write, to dream and to re-evaluate myself in kinder and more creative terms. Heather's website is my number one choice for writer resources, and it's forums provide a gentle place in which to test writer's fledgling wings.
Nicole Cody
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Volunteer Creativity Consultant
Melbourne Citymission Palliative Care

Provided creative, Reclaiming Imagination courses to assist Carers and City Mission staff.

More Hats

Head of English at LaTrobe Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia.
Project Leader - Innovative Writing Program, entitled Writing Passport Program, working with 8 Melbourne Primary Schools in the Northern Region of Melbourne.
Creative Armoury Project.

Columnist for One Woman's Writing Retreat
Editor of LaTobe Secondary College Magazine and Anthology.

Currently Wearing These Hats

Webmaster of The Soul Food Cafe - a quirky, interactive, writing cafe.
Web Publishing - Soul Food Cafe
The Virtual Community for Victorian Teachers is a research project in partnership between the Victorian Education Channel and the School Library Association of Victoria. This project is a result of the vision of Sandy Phillips and Mary Manning. The organisation of the network is in large part, the work of Heather Blakey who has ten years experience working in a digital environment. This brand new project takes educators in an exciting new direction.
Building Virtual Communities.
Volunteer at St Vincents Daylesford
Tutor at Creswick Learning Centre