Meet Barbara Banta

Barbara Banta believes that one's life is the greatest creative project and that if by words, deeds, ideas, or prayer you can make someone else's day more joyous you are leading a creative life.

The joy of creating has always been a primary part of her life even when time constraints forced her to hold it in check. Unable to avoid the ideas and images bubbling in her brain she frequently lost hours of sleep and had no energy to act on them the following day.

Drawing and crafts predominated when she was younger, until one day, mesmerized by the beauty of falling snow, she began to write the story of an ordinary man who inherits an amazing Christmas Eve shop. On that day she became a writer. Fascinated with the character, she asked to meet his friends and then watched as the tale grew and grew.

The library where she works provides constant fuel to keep her creative fires burning. Every author serves as a tutor, every illustrated book and artist adds to her love affair with art and her participation in it. Using mainly the dry mediums of pencils, pastels, markers, and crayons she enjoys drawing portraits and designs. Given a piece of paper, she will make a list, write a meditation, draw a picture, cut, weave, embroider, or fold it. The one thing she will not do is throw it away.

As Barbara, she works and creates, as Believer, she strives to live out her Christian faith in everything she does, as Porchsitter she will always be mesmerized by snow, enchanted with the song of birds and a lover of trees.

Barbara Banta in the Lemurian Abbey



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