Authors think about and carefully plan their writing. They begin by researching.

They find subject matter that they are interested in, collect data and then ask themselves some questions.

In what role am I writing? As
  • myself
  • an older person
  • an immigrant
  • an object
  • an alien
  • a journalist
  • an aboriginal
  • an actor
  • an animal
  • a child?
Why am I bothering to write this? Is it my purpose to?
  • inform
  • criticise
  • entertain
  • express an opinion
  • persuade
  • report
  • inquire
  • describe?
Is any one going to read my writing? Who is my audience ?
  • younger people
  • class members
  • older people
  • teachers
  • a newspaper editor
  • the community
  • shoppers
  • friends
  • business people
  • Members of Parliament?
What kind of language will I use? Will I write as though I am?
  1. at home
  2. expressing strong feelings
  3. arguing a point
  4. persuading people
  5. talking to a stranger
  6. entertaining 
  7. describing
  8. instructing?
What form will my writing take?
Will it best suit?
  • letter
  • speech
  • playscript
  • dialogue
  • newspaper article
  • review
  • poem
  • short story
  • debate
  • advertisement
  • diary
  • song
  • moral fable
  • report?

Only after answering these questions does a writer begin.

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