Artist Outing to Prepare

Go to a recycle shop and buy some garden magazines and search for images of wicked plants and fungi.

Buy a terracotta pot and plant some mushrooms. Dialogue with the mushrooms and find out about being kept in the dark.

Choose a Soul Food Journal

Choose a journal from our wonderful selection at the Soul Food Hermitage Shop And surely you cannot resist a special mousepad and coffee cup that will remind you to follow the Soul Food Way and make writing your daily practice.



The Very Wicked Midnight Garden

There is a woman who is voiceless from wailing and wasted from weeping and Death visits her from Faraway at Midnight. Death finds her in her Garden, her long dead garden tending to weeds and thorns and sticker bushes and poisonous plants and as she harvests and picks and adds each deadly plant to her basket woven from human hair.

Death shudders and hides in the Shadows and is grateful the Woman can’t see him. All the same she knows Death is there and when she senses it, she reaches into her basket and lifts one of the plants to her lips and pushes it into her mouth. She chews and swallows and screeches into the darkness, “ Where are you? Why aren't these working… someone tell me why this isn’t working! “

by Anita Marie Moscoso



Plant a Wicked Garden Here



Insert images of wicked plants




List Twenty Wicked Words




Make some notes about a plant.





Sketch the voiceless woman and the midnight garden



Someone replies and explains why the plants are not working. Record their words





Continue the story