Planted a Tree in Lemuria
Tholos Dreaming

Susan Louise Anderson

I'm both a dreamer and a realist, a non-conformist to an extent and live and love for today.

I was born in the city, raised in the country until I was almost 12 and then moved back to the city again where I've lived ever since. No matter where you live or who you are, my mother always told us, "Life is what you make of it." She also told us to choose our friends like you would choose a bouquet of flowers. They may all be different but together they should make a beautiful bouquet. She's a wise woman and raised us well.

I've lived a hard life yet my outlook always made it easier for me than for others. I think God gave me an easy going temperament, a strong will, the patience of Job and a big heart to prepare me for the life that He chose for me and I've always been quick to thank Him for it. Counting our blessings and always focussing on the good in life, strengthens us for all of the lumps and bumps that we encounter along the way.

At 53, I think it's safe to say that I like the way I've turned out. I love people, nature, reading and writing. I've just discovered my love for writing prose and poetry in the past couple of years and must say that I've especially fallen in love with it.

I've just begun working this year as an Educational Coach and a Proctor at a local college after being home for 33 years. My youngest daughter is 26 and is severely retarded along with many other problems. I raised her at home until February of 2000 when I had to finally place her in a group home. The move was a difficult one and took it's toll on both of us but now we're adjusting and doing wonderfully.

I have two other children and five grandchildren whom I adore.

Living.... exploring.... the mountains.... the trees.... the flowers.... the rivers and streams.... the oceans.... the valleys.... the highways and byways.... listening... watching.... smelling.... laughing.... loving..... these joys will forever fill my heart and enrich my soul.

In Love and Poetry,

Susan Anderson