Tholos Dreaming
by Susan Anderson

The journey was rough but what better sacrifice do we have to offer than the sacrifice of self? Our time, our energy, our hunger for knowledge, our thirst for the beauty we can only find within our souls. The very thought of it made my adrenaline flow faster. I was more hungry than I've ever been as we found our way to the beautiful sacred groves.

As soon as the pool came into view, my body was writhing with the thirst that it alone could quench. It knew my desires, knew that I needed it as much as it needed me to replenish ourselves. I slowly approached it, cautious of all that awaited me. I had heard stories of this sacred place but had never been here. It was a dream that I held onto for years and finally fulfilling that dream was almost overwhelming. Yes, I would approach it and enter into this place divine savoring every moment of every hour. My soul was crying out to it and I seemed to almost float to it.

Hearing the voices around me, I carefully disrobed and lowered myself into the clear blue water. The voices seemed distant and I felt alone, yet not alone at all for as I bathed I felt almost angelic and in that sanctifying state, I emerged from the pool, cleansed and donning the softest of lily white robes you could imagine and I was ready to enter the Epidaurian Tholos.

There was a beautiful sound that I followed....the most mystical sound of a flute. It seemed to beckon me and as I followed I was mesmerized. Nothing could surpass this beauty...this serenity...this calmness that surrounded my every step. It was the music of Thaletas and I followed it to the altar.

I paid homage to Asklepios by placing my Greek eye, set in a gold heart on a gold chain upon the altar as a sacrifice, somehow feeling that I wouldn't need it here...that I would be protected from any harm that might befall me. A woman had come upon me...I didn't notice her approaching but suddenly she was there. She didn't speak to me at all but somehow I knew that I should follow her. We went through a doorway, down winding stairs, to a labyrinthine basement where prayers were being said. There was a stream of water and I could hear it trickling over stones. Reaching into the water, I cupped my hands and drank of it.

I was oblivious to my a deep sleep I think...but heard a voice whispering to me, asking me what I was seeking.

I seemed to be dreaming of peace...of tranquility...of being surrounded with love....with harmony...with family and friends surrounding me, beckoning me to move on. They seemed to be encouraging me not to be frightened by the unknown but to seek it out with the wonder and enthusiasm of a child. They assured me that the only thing to fear is fear itself. They spoke so many words that I had heard before but hadn't heeded. Now, here in Tholos, their words seemed different...refreshing. A fog seemed to be lifted and I awoke curled in a ball like a little caterpillar in a cocoon. I began to open emerge from that cocoon a beautiful butterfly, spreading my wings and soaring...flitting from flower to flower, tasting of their nectar and moving on to quench the thirst within my soul.

I must spread the word of this beautiful experience to everyone near and far. I must beckon them to come to this beautiful, enchanting Epidaurian Tholos for here they can free their souls and soar.


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