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Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree, is etched into the Australian pysche as one of the greatest ironic tragedies. Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity.

The Dig Tree was designed by Greg Blakey, a talented design student, with flair, imagination and the ability to meet the needs of his clients. Greg has created, amongst other things, Soul Food's zany Magic Writing Tram.


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Chris Dunmire is a creativity enthusiast and developer of the Creativity Portal, an online cache of creativity-related resources. Be Creative! is devoted to helping people to discover and nurture the creative gift within, and to make it grow into something fruitful, fulfilling, and fun!

Ingredients to add to your writing retort

Try following some well trodden pathways to find the answer to the riddle. Clues to the source of inspiration may just lie within some of these sites and articles that offer some insight into the fabric of creativity.

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Anatomy of Creativity
It's a chain reaction

from Augustine, the alter ego of Natalie d'Arbeloff

Alchemy is fascinating! The early alchemists studied and followed recipes and did their experiments with complete devotion, love and repetition. Invariably, as they worked, changes took place in their personalities. The experienced alchemist acquired a magical power by which he succeeded in producing chemical transformations in the retort. In contrast a beginner, mixing the same elements might not achieve the same result. I cannot, for example, replicate my sister's fail proof sponge, no matter how many times she faithfully writes out her recipe and describes secret techniques.

What does this have to do with writing or being creative? Well it has everything to do with it! Books about writing, that purport to provide the secret recipe, are not being totally honest. In reality each of us will make something different with the ingredients they provide. Like the alchemist, it takes trial and error to achieve transformation and find gold.

You see it is all about momentum and chain reactions. All we can do is take the ingredients, faithfully cook with them and see what happens. I suggest that you set up a laboratory in your journal and practice with the ingredients provided.

Here is a recipe to begin with.

Carefully mix 300 pounds of daily writing; pray to the creative spirit under the moon; purify your house with the right amount of sage; add twenty five ounces of the divine; spend hours in silence; stir in a pinch of imagination; meditate upon a mandala; daydream a lot

This may be an obscure recipe, but through practice you may just find yourself becoming a very inventive word magician. Who knows? I may just have found a simple remedy to the age old writer's block - in which case I run the risk of being kidnapped by greedy and ruthless kings who want to make their fortune.
Heather Blakey

Mirecle33 Creativity Patch

I nearly choked with envy and spluttered my coffee all over the keyboard when Chris Dunmire from the Creativity Portal showed me her brand new Mirecle33 Creativity Patch. These creativity patches are for those who claim not to have a creative bone in their body. Now why didn't I think of this first?

Actually, this whole new collection of Dunmire tidbits has my mouth watering. If Chris keeps producing things like this I am going to have to head north and physically blow her out of her pond. Too clever!