Mandala Viriditis
by Lori Gloyd

Viriditas, a word coined by Hildegard von Bingen describes the green force of life, expanding into the Universe.

Who is Hildegard von Bingen?

German Abbess Hildegard von Bingen (1099 - 1179) was a visionary and mystic, artist and musical composer, scientist and medical practitioner, writer, theologian and preacher.
She was well-connected, having been called upon for practical advice by popes and emporers, and well-traveled, embarking on a number of preaching tours throughout the area.  
Her best known treatises are the Scivias, Liber vitae meritorum and De operatione Dei. In these works she recounts her mystic visions. Though very traditional in her Catholic beliefs, she nonetheless developed a unique theology of the cosmos and humankind's place within it.
Hildegard von Bingen is fast-becoming a dominant figure in Western European Medieval History as well as a role-model for multi-talented women world over.

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V is for Viriditas
Hildegard's Natural Vision

Hildegard saw the notion of 'Viriditas', or Greenness, penetrating every aspect of life. This 'Greenness' was the very expression of Divine power on Earth. "The Word of God regulates the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. The Word of God gives the light which shines from the heavenly bodies. He makes the wind blow, the rivers run and the rain fall. He makes trees burst into blossom, and the crops bring forth the harvest."

Since this extraordinary phenomenon called life could only be created by God, Hildegard believed, all that lives equally carried his Divine energy, or 'viritis'. In her own words:

Oh fire of the Holy Spirit,

life of the life of every creature,

holy are you in giving life to forms...

Oh boldest path,

penetrating into all places,

in the heights, on earth,

and in every abyss,

you bring and bind all together

From you clouds flow, air flies,

Rocks have their humours,

Rivers spring forth from the waters

And earth wears her green vigour

O ignis Spiritus Paracliti

Lemurian Greening

When I hold up my magical spectacles to the Lemurian sky and peer through them, I see all manner of wonderous things– Far away lands with lush flowering gardens, brilliant light and flowing water.    The great 12 century abbess, Hildegard von Bingen, spoke of viriditas or “greening”, that power of nature that pushes forth toward the light.  We push forward, grow and transform in our own ways.  Le Enchanteur's glasses show us the way.

Lori Gloyd
who also provided resource material for this page.