Enchanteur encourages travellers to pack a bag, slip through her portal and enter her bower of bliss.

A View of Lemuria

I approach the Enchantress' Cave, weary and dusty from my long trek. It's a good weariness though, one that satisfies the physical as well as the mental needs of the body. I chose to walk rather than ride because I wanted to feel Mother Earth breathing beneath my feet. I felt as one with her as I walked through the woods and strolled across meadows sprinkled liberally with wild flowers of all varieties. Such a difference from a brief trip I made recently when I drove many miles to the State of Minnesota. Locked away inside a steel enclosure with the scenery flashing by at breakneck speed doesn't do it for me, though it is sometimes a necessity when time is calling the shots.

The dust fell away and the weariness vanished when I saw the Enchantress waiting to welcome me and any other travelers who might happen along. I know there are many like me who, having taken different trails, will end up here for a well earned rest before proceeding to BabaYaga's hut.

The enchantress is a welcoming sight as she stands there at the cave entrance ready to check me in. Her ivory gown shimmers in the morning sunlight … her eyes are bright, and the breeze ruffles her reddish hair. She embraces me and invites me to enter and join the others who are waiting. I am ready now for good company and conversation. We all have stories to share about our varied experiences on the trail. It's at times like this that I appreciate all the good that life has to offer.

Vi Jones 2005

I couldn't zip
the suitcase
so I
unpacked two shirts
and some
earrings who needs that many
earrings and
the lotion and almost my swimming
suit but I
didn't and I put in
opera glasses and took out
and squeezed
my shampoo into tiny
bottles and the incredible new suit
case from eagle creek finally zipped
shut and it was then
that I realized that there
had been plenty of room for Fran all
along and that I had packed her
long ago

in my heart

We have to travel light.

Edwina Peterson Cross 2005


U is for Utopia and the Bower of Bliss

In the chapter entitled 'The Cave of the Enchantress' Marina Warner writes about the Grotto della Sibilla in the Umbrian Mountains which was first mentioned in classical legend. Guerino the Wretch reaches a mountain pass near Norcia in Umbria where he meets with the Devil. The Devil, of course, wants Guerino's soul and tempts him by describing a subterranean kingdom where every delight will be his. Seemingly, in this kingdom, trees flower and fruit at the same time and there is no pain or age or sorrow.

No pain! No sorrow! Lead me to the Umbrian mountains immediately! Of course, what the Devil failed to mention was that the cave is inhabited by an enchantress who turns into a snake every Saturday.

It is the truly brave who commit to coming to the Grotto to work with the current Enchantress. In 2005 two groups packed their bags at short notice and travelled to the cave of the Enchantress and Soul Food has never been the same again. You will find records of their journey's in the Lemurian Grotto and the Subterranean Cave.

Since then new travellers have appeared and now Enchanteur's dream of populating her Lemurian colony is becoming a reality.

Wise travellers bought empty suit cases to bring back memories and talismans that mark their journey.

Beyond the Threshold

into the
space between

i fall or i

into bright
empty and

Then: i
entered as
a hero, chasing
after beauty,
at my

Now: i
go with
for the wounded

patience; in
stillness, in
the next
word is

Lisa Phoenix