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During 2010 I have been undertaking a Tarot Journey as a Hearth project at Hestia's Hearth, deep within Soul Food. Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, provides access to the inner spark we need to survive all odds, and to keep our spirits intact on the darkest day. She is also the light that guides us and allows us to take joy in our lives, and in our accomplishments. She is our inner light and the life inside ourselves. To come to Hestia's Hearth is to commit to keeping the inner spark alive.

The Tarot Journey is just one project being undertaken by the hearth. I have drawn a Tarot card from the Mythic Tarot Deck each day. I have then used the reading to journal and fuel ideas for my daily drawings.

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The tarot is most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. A traditional tarot reading involves a seeker - someone who is looking for answers to personal questions - and a reader - someone who knows how to interpret the cards. After the seeker has shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the chosen cards in a pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning, and each card has a meaning as well. The reader combines these two meanings to shed light on the seeker's question.

The answer lies with the unconscious - that deep level of memory and awareness that resides within each of us, but outside our everyday experience. Even though we ignore the action of the unconscious most of the time, it profoundly affects everything we do. In his writings, Sigmund Freud stressed the irrational, primitive aspect of the unconscious. He thought that it was the home of our most unacceptable desires and urges. His contemporary Carl Jung emphasized the positive, creative aspect of the unconscious. He tried to show that it has a collective component that touches universal qualities.

We may never know the full range and power of the unconscious, but there are ways to explore its landscape. Many techniques have been developed for this purpose - psychotherapy, dream interpretation, visualization and meditation. The tarot is another such tool.

extract from Learning the Tarot

Multitude of Decks

There are a multitude of Tarot Decks available. A particularly beautiful deck is the Durer one. Personally I use it to do readings for myself